Long Term Player Development Pathway (LTPDP)

The Tennis Ireland Long Term Player Development  Pathway was compiled by Roger Geraghty using a combination of his past experience and information sourced from the Tennis Ireland ‘Building Pathways’ Document, the Canadian Sport for Life Programme, Sport New Zealand’s Active Start Programme, the International Tennis Federation’s ITN Programme and Tennis Australia’s Player Development Programme.

The purpose of the LTPDP is to provide a framework for all those involved in delivering the game of tennis at all levels in Ireland.  It has been produced based on empirically and scientifically relevant information, which indicates when certain capacities may best be developed.  The model looks to develop the individual by covering the tennis specific components of technical, tactical, physical and psychological areas, whilst intertwining the components of personal, lifestyle, parental, educative and competitive experiences.


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application/pdf Long Term Player Development Pathway 1.4 mbs 10th September 2012