Level 1 Coaching Course

Level 1 Coaching Course

Objective of the Play Tennis Course

The aim of the Tennis Ireland Play Tennis Course is to help participants understand how to introduce tennis to beginner players of all ages and how to organise and deliver tennis sessions in a fun and effective learning environment in Schools, Parks & Clubs.

Who can apply for the Play Tennis Course?

The course is suitable for:

Individuals 16 years of age and older, who are new to tennis coaching or looking to begin their coaching career pathway, School teachers, Play Leaders and assistants, volunteers and parents.

Candidates must be Garda Vetted through Tennis Ireland before applying for any Level 1 course. Garda Vetting must be fully complete before applying. Please note the turnaround time for vetting is minimum two weeks.

Please note, in order to work alone as a coach, graduates must have reached their 18th Birthday. Participants who are Sixteen and Seventeen years of age who complete the programme can only work as assistants under the direction of a Tennis Ireland qualified and Licensed Coach until they turn 18 years of age.

What is involved on the Course?

There are 45 hours of input involved from the learners and that is broken down in the following way-

  • 3 hours online learning to complete 9 Modules on the ITF Academy site before commencing the FaceTime side of the course.
  • 8 of the hours will be delivered on Zoom in the evening time (4 x two hour sessions).
  • 4 x 6 hour days with the Coach Developer on-court.
  • All participants have to take 10 logged hours with a Tennis Ireland Licensed Coach (arranged by the participants themselves).


The Play Tennis course concludes with all the participants being assessed by means of a ‘multiple choice’ written test, a tennis ability test, a group lesson test and satisfactory completion of the Logbook. Participants must also have successfully completed the 9 online Modules on the ITF Academy.

The playing Test and the Practical Group Lesson will be submitted to the Course Assessor by video. Specific guidance on how to complete this process will be provided by the Course Assessor.

In addition, participants need to have fully completed:

  • Garda Vetting through Tennis Ireland.
  • Valid Safeguarding 1 Training (participants aged 18 or over only).
  • A Sports First Aid Course which covers defibrillator training.
  • Two references returned to Tennis Ireland.

Upon the successful completion of the full course, the participants will be awarded a Tennis Ireland Level 1 Coaching Certification and will be able to work with beginner players of all ages in a schools, parks and clubs.

Course Fees

The fee for the course is €450.00

Invoices are issued to candidates after registration. Payment must be made in full prior to the course commencing.

Additional Fee for Failed Quizzes and Practicals

If a participant is incomplete on the written test (max. two attempts), they will be able to complete a second quiz (max. two attempts).

If the participants is incomplete on the second test, he/she will have to complete a Reflective Journal on the course content and submit it to the Course Assessor. If the Assessor deems the Journal to be satisfactory and the participant has proved competency in all the other tasks associated with the course, then he or she will be awarded the Level 1 Certification.

If a participant fails the practical assessment they will be informed of the process and the below fee will apply. Participants will be issued with a new topic once the fee is paid.

The additional fee to repeat the practical test and/or complete a reflective journal is €80.00

Timeframe to complete the course

Candidates can complete the quiz, logbook and practical exam in their own time to become qualified but we do advise to complete these soon after completing the course while information is fresh.

Maximum and Minimum Participants per course

Maximum – 14 Participants

Minimum – 10 Participants

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