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Qualifying as a tennis coach can lead to exciting full or part-time career opportunities at home or abroad. We have in place a comprehensive, up to date and highly regarded coaches training system.

Our Coach Education and Technical Committee work closely with the International Tennis Federation, Tennis Coach Ireland and Coaching Ireland, to implement the highest possible standards of coaching in Irish tennis.

We offer a variety of coaching levels aligned with the Long Term Player Development Pathway.  Below is a document with a description of the new levels and Coach Ed structure which came into effect from 2021, and what the participants are qualified to do when they successfully complete the courses.


Level 1 Course

Level 2 Course

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Level 3 Course

Level 4 Course

Licensing of Coaches

By signing up to and displaying the Tennis Ireland Safeguarding Statement, stakeholders have demonstrated their commitment to safeguarding all their members and through working under the guidance of the National Governing Bodies safeguarding policies and procedures, volunteers, employees and contractors should seek to create a safe, enjoyable, positive, equitable, welcoming and encouraging atmosphere for all involved.

Part of Tennis Ireland’s recruitment policy states that all Coaches should be Licensed.

All individuals or organisations that employ or contract coaches  (e.g. clubs, schools, individual players) should employ only licensed coaches.  This development is supported by Tennis Coach Ireland (TCI). 


Do you hold a coaching qualification from abroad, or granted by a coaches training body other than Tennis Ireland? Do you want to find out if your qualification can be assimilated into the Tennis Ireland Coaches Qualification system? If so, you may wish to apply for possible assimilation. In order to complete this process in a fair and equitable manner, Tennis Ireland has put in place the following process.

Play and Stay Assistant Programme

The `Play and Stay Assistant` is a non-award introduction to assisting qualified and licensed coaches and we are delighted that you are interested in finding out more about this programme.

Participants who successfully complete the programme:

  • Will be able to assist qualified tennis coaches in teaching the game in clubs, schools and parks. Subject to the agreement made with the coach you are assisting, you may be paid for this work.
  • Should you decide to go on to the Level One Coaches Course, you will have built up a lot of knowledge and experience that will help you on the Level One.

CPD for Coaches


Tennis Coach Ireland (TCI) works with Tennis Ireland on the coach Continuous Development Programme (CPD). All TCI members are informed of the programme and how it operates, and of ongoing CPD opportunities.

If a coach is not a member of TCI, but wishes to be involved in CPD (usually for Tennis Ireland Licensing purposes see note below), TCI will keep a record on their behalf of the points gained, if the coach informs TCI of the fact that they have accrued points, and provides the necessary evidence. Coaches who are not members of TCI are welcome to attend TCI CPD events – charges may apply.

Tennis Coach Ireland

Tennis Coach Ireland was formed in 1992 by a small group of coaches who felt that those teaching the game would benefit from a strong representative voice.  The Association’s membership has now grown to well over 300 qualified coaches from all parts of Ireland.

It is Tennis Coach Ireland’s function to inform and represent coaches in Ireland on all matters relating to teaching the game.  From its inception Tennis Coach Ireland has been affiliated to and worked closely with Tennis Ireland.


There are tangible benefits for beings a member of the Tennis Coach Ireland, as detailed below.  An ongoing focus for Tennis Coach Ireland is the development of more benefits for members including:

  • Access to low-premium Public Liability Insurance (over 18’s only).
  • Membership of subscription coaching information websites.
  • Free Provincial Workshop each year.
  • Regular continuous professional development opportunities – workshops/conferences/webinars (important to allow you to keep up to date with Tennis Ireland Licensing requirements).
  • Coach communication newsletter monthly. 
  • Emails re job opportunities etc.
  • Your name and contact details on our website (`Find A Coach`).
  • Experienced staff available to discuss/advise.
  • 20% off purchases from Grandstand Sports in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin  (order online for delivery).


For further information on Tennis Coach Ireland  please visit

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