CPD For Coaches

CPD For Coaches


Tennis Coach Ireland (TCI) works with Tennis Ireland on the coach Continuous Development Programme (CPD). All TCI members are informed of the programme and how it operates, and of ongoing CPD opportunities.

If a coach is not a member of TCI, but wishes to be involved in CPD (usually for Tennis Ireland Licensing purposes; see note below), TCI will keep a record on their behalf of the points gained if the coach informs TCI of the fact that they have accrued points and provides the necessary evidence. Coaches who are not members of TCI are welcome to attend TCI CPD events – charges may apply.


TCI offers to examine and potentially ratify for CPD points events that are self-nominated by a coach (this is a time-consuming process and so is offered as an enhanced service to members only).

TCI CPD Programme 2024

How to Plan and Structure Your Junior Competitive Coaching Programme with Larry Jurovich

Well-known Canada-based coach Larry Jurovich will be in Ireland shortly, and will deliver a coaches CPD Workshop at Greystones LTC on Wednesday 12th June from 9.00am-5.00pm– full details in the graphic below.

If you would like to attend, please REGISTER HERE:



Paul Casey – Teaching Doubles Clinic 

DATE: Saturday July 20th

TIME: 12pm to 4pm

VENUE: National Tennis Centre (DCU)

CPD POINTS: Attendees will receive 20 CPD points

FULL DETAILS: text Paul on 087 677 0573



Following the Huge success of the Clinic I ran last December, I’ve received a lot of enquiries about when I will be doing another one…Now it’s your chance to learn a very effective, efficient and yet simple way to teach doubles more successfully to juniors and adults of any level. Having learned from many of the very best doubles coaches in the world, and personally training doubles at a club, interprovincial, national and international Level for over 40 years I have a very special clinic to offer you:
How to communicate properly.
How to pre plan for the point ahead.
Positions for the start of a point.
Where to move to and from during play.
Where and what to look for in doubles play.
Where to direct shots.
Remember that doubles Lessons will lead to skill lessons – volley/smash/lob, so this Workshop amounts to an investment in your overall career.



Coaches need to factor in the importance of CPD points within the Tennis Ireland Licensing Scheme, where to be registered as a ‘Licensed Coach’ in 2023, a coach will need to achieve 100 points under the CPD 2022 scheme (i.e. the scheme works on a ‘previous year’ basis). 

The Tennis Coach Ireland Administrator is Nicola Herbert: [email protected]

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