Licensing of Coaches

From January 1st 2013, Tennis Ireland began to distinguish between two sets of coaches – `licensed coaches` and `unlicensed coaches`.

All individuals or organisations that employ or contract coaches  (e.g. clubs, schools, individual players) are urged to employ only licensed coaches.  This new development is supported by Tennis Coach Ireland (TCI).  To review the criteria for the 2020 Coach Licensing Scheme please see below.


1.  Before 2013, no distinction could be drawn between coaches who qualified many years ago, and may not have given a lesson in a long time, and those dedicated and active coaches who ensure that they are up to date with all new developments.

2.  The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has recently developed a system with which they give their official seal of approval (as the World Governing Body) to the coaches training and qualification programmes in member countries.  The ITF recognises that Tennis Ireland have established a Coaches Education system that meets the quality standards set by the ITF.  ITF membership comprises of over 200 nations, and Ireland became only the 12th nation to achieve this recognition in Coach Education, and the first of the “smaller” nations to do so.  ITF recognition further distinguishes a Tennis Ireland coach in the marketplace as ‘the coach of choice’ to prospective employers.

3.  Licensing schemes are in place in many countries, and are seen as ‘best practice’ in tennis coaching.


In order for a coach to be eligible for licensing in 2020, the coach must satisfy the following criteria:

1.  Amass a minimum of 100 points under the regulations of the TCI Continuous Professional Development Programme for 2019.

2.  Hold a Child Protection Certificate that is not older than 5 years (i.e. certificates held before 2015 are no longer valid).   To update your certificate, you can review the 3 Vimeo presentations by Roger Geraghty on Tennis Ireland’s website and complete the online quiz here. If you have a refresher certificate, you must also hold the original Child Protection Certificate.

3.  Be able to provide evidence that you have been vetted within the previous 3 years; Garda Vetting or Access NI as appropriate.  Applications completed before 2017 are no longer valid.


There is a fee of €20 for your license, payable to Tennis Ireland.  Payment can be made via card over the phone, cheque, postal order or bank draft or by PayPal HERE. 

Please note payment should not be made until all your documents have been validated by Tennis Ireland. Contact to ensure all your documents are in order before making payment.


The license scheme runs on an annual basis, and so the license is valid from January 1st to December 31st of the year in question.