Club Affiliation

Club Affiliation Fee and Benefits

What benefits do the club, and its members get?

Income received from clubs in the form of court affiliation and player capitation fees is used to provide development services directly to clubs and to promote tennis in Ireland.

The court affiliation is payable every year from commencement of affiliation and is based on the number and surface type of courts at a club’s facility.

The player capitation fee is collected by clubs from its members. The amount owed in terms of player capitation fees is a self-declaration which must be verified through the submission of a data return form every year. It is the club’s responsibility to maintain information about its membership. A portion of player capitation fees go to the provincial branches to assist with their everyday work of promoting and strengthening tennis throughout Ireland.

For further details on court affiliation and player capitation fee rates, please contact [email protected]

Below are some of the benefits you receive as a member:

  • Ability to apply for grant aid and support schemes.
  • Assistance from our team of regional development officers around the areas of safeguarding, running competitions, coaching programmes, facility development and membership drives.
  • The club and its members can compete in open tournaments and provincial leagues.
  • A free tournament software license is provided to clubs holding sanctioned tournaments.
  • Participation in provincial branch or Tennis Ireland workshops.
  • Promotion of club events and job vacancies across our social media channels.
  • Quality control of coaches through our licensing scheme.
  • Access to the ITF Academy Learning Platform for Players, Parents & Coaches.
  • Assistance in achieving Safeguarding compliance.
  • Processing of Garda vetting applications for a €10 administration fee.
  • Access to Club Mark accreditation.
  • A variety of communications via various web and printed publications.

Other Fee Types

Each player that enters a tournament sanctioned by Tennis Ireland pays a capitation fee to Tennis Ireland on top of the tournament entry fee(s).  The capitation fees that are currently applicable are:

  • Junior: €4 / £4 (no fee for under 10’s)
  • Senior: €6 / £6

There is an annual process whereby clubs can apply for a permit to host a sanctioned tournament. The fee charged in respect of the permit process is dependent upon the level of the tournament:

Tour Level
€250 / £225
€200 / £180
€150 / £135
€75 / £67
National Tour
€450 / £405
€350 / £315
€250 / £225
€150 / £135
€150 / £135

The tournament calendar and national player database is managed by Tennis Ireland.

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