Starting to Compete

Starting to Compete

Competition is at the centre of any sport. Competing against players of a similar level is fun, helps to improve your skills and connect with many new friends.

Before you start entering competitions, you will have to take a few steps and get some basic information:

STEP 1: Registering to get your TI PIN (Tennis Ireland Player Identification Number)

  • When you register you create your Tennis Ireland profile.
  • All Tennis Ireland Open Tournaments (sanctioned) require that you provide your TI PIN.
  • Many clubs require that you provide your TI PIN to enter internal tournaments.
  • All match results from tournaments that require a TI PIN:
    • are saved in your TI profile, and
    • Are used to create and update your ITF World Tennis Number (WTN) l This is a globally used number that provides an indication of the standard of play.
  • You can manage your tournament activity and online tournament entries from your profile.

It is straight forward, quick and free.

A parent/tutor must oversee an Under 18 player registration. We may send messages relating to tournament activity to the email address specified in the account. In the case of players U18 the email provided should be supervised by a parent/guardian.

Queries in relation to TI PIN problems should be addressed to [email protected] and include TI PIN, name, date of birth, login name and a shorth explanation of the issue.

Register Now

Players | Tennis Ireland (

Type your name in the Player Search box and search.

If more than one option appears, you can pick the correct one looking at the club’s name below the player’s name, and the match results in the player profile (click on the name, followed by the Tournaments tab to see them).

Your TI PIN is the 8-digit number beside your name on your profile:

STEP 2: What competitions can I enter?

  • To enjoy competing you must choose the right competition for your level. If you have just started, internal club competitions are likely to be the best suited. The club coach, tennis manager or captain may suggest the competitions best suited for you.

    Once you have played a few events that feed into the ITF World Tennis Number (WTN) database you will get a WTN that will help you to decide what Open competitions to enter.

Most Clubs organize tournaments for their members regularly. They usually notify members by email, WhatsApp, or social media about upcoming events and provide a link to the online entry.

If you are looking for a specific tournament you can find information about navigating TI tournaments website on the Finding the Right Competition page.

For details on the tournaments for the various age groups:

National Tour Calendar

Masters Calendar (30+)

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