ITF World Tennis Number

What is ITF World Tennis Number (WTN?)

The ITF World Tennis Number (WTN) has been developed and is managed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

  • It reflects the skill level of a player in real-time.
  • It caters for players of all levels (from David Cup players to beginners).
  • It facilitates players to find evenly matched opponents wherever they are.
  • It allows players to track their tennis progress based on their actual performance.


  • All players are in the same scale.
  • Your number can be between 1 and 40.
    • Beginners will be 40.
    • Pro players are likely to be 1.



The ITF algorithm updates your number on a weekly basis. The number becomes more accurate as more match results are added to the system.

Player Benefits

The ITF World Tennis Number provides:

  • A single global scale for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or ability.
  • A number for singles and a number for doubles.
  • Wherever you are in the world, your number makes it easy to find the right opponent.
  • As more results are added you can follow how your number changes.
  • The ITF World Tennis Number algorithm updates players’ numbers every Wednesday using results that have being published up to the previous Sunday.
  • You can set goals to keep you focused on your tennis development.

How can I get my number?

  • All players participating in tournaments that are published in Tennis Ireland Tournaments website have an ITF World Tennis Number (WTN). The tournaments can be open or internal club tournaments.
  • If you have played in any tournament published in Tennis Ireland Tournaments website, you have an ITF World Tennis Number (WTN), that you could find easily:
    • Log into your Tennis Ireland profile.
    • Under your name, Tennis Ireland Number (TI PIN) and club you will see your WTN.
    • The symbol in front of the number is the WTN logo.
    • The tick after the number means that it has a high confidence rate and should be reasonably accurate.
  • If there is no tick after the number, you must play more matches for the number to reach a high confidence rate.
  • If you have not played any tournament, you could enter Open Tournaments. You will have to play a few matches to reach a high confidence rate (a tick beside the number). Visit the “Starting to Compete” page for information on how to enter tournaments and choose the most suited one for you.

How is the ITF World Tennis Number calculated?

The algorithm uses match results to calculate the ITF World Tennis Number. It analyses results at set level. Based on the World Tennis Number of the players involved in the match, the algorithm projects the outcome of the match. The algorithm compares the result of the match with the projection and updates the World Tennis Number accordingly. Recent results have more weight than old results. As time goes by, results have less and less weight.