Important Notice for Junior Players

Attention all juniors a number of queries regarding entry into two tournaments in the same week have arisen recently.  This is against Rule 5.1.2 of Tennis Ireland Rules and Regulations for Tournaments:

“A player is specifically prohibited from entering more than one tournament advertised to take place during the same period except in the case of two events which overlap by no more than two days and then only with the prior written consent of the organiser of the later event.  Where the tournament commences/ends with a day of U10s events (i.e. non ranking event) this date shall not be included for the purpose of calculating a 2-day overlap. Failure to comply with this rule may result in sanction and will result in the loss of any ranking points acquired in any of the tournaments involved”.

Clarification of Rule

Any player found to have played in two tournaments during the same tournament week will forfeit all ranking points gained during the week.

Any player that leaves a tournament prior to his/her elimination or retires from a tournament for medical reasons, without a valid medical certificate (from the tournament doctor) will forfeit all ranking points won during the tournament and are subject to penalties set by the Code of Conduct.

Reasons for Rule

Players are being denied opportunities to gain ranking points where unnecessary walkovers are being awarded.

Players have travelled, to learn that they do not have a match as their opponent has given a walk over or did not notify the Referee he/she was withdrawing.

Tournament referees find themselves having to handle a no-show or late withdrawal after draws have been published and through no fault of their have to make late changes to the draw.

International Tournaments in Ireland (ITF and Tennis Europe)

Exceptions to Rule 5.1.2. are:

“A. Players participating in Irish hosted International events, who may enter a concurrent domestic event with the consent of the domestic Tournament Organiser and then in one singles event only.

  1. Where a player is eliminated from the qualifying draw of the TE/ITF tournament, the player may then have their doubles entry into the domestic event accepted providing the draw has not yet been made and with the consent of the Organiser of the domestic Tournament.
  2. Players participating in Irish hosted International events may enter a senior event running concurrently with the consent of the domestic Tournament Organiser that the schedule for the international event receives priority and then in one event only.
  3. Players who are eliminated in the qualifying stages of the international event shall be permitted to enter a second doubles event provided the draw has not yet been made and with the consent of the domestic Tournament Organiser.
  4. Where a player enters an event and is accepted directly into the main draw the dates for the main draw only will be considered when calculating a potential overlap with another event. Once a player is accepted into a main draw they must withdraw from the second event before that draw is scheduled to be made.”