Junior 4 Nations

About Junior 4 Nations

The Junior4 Nations competition, which includes England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, takes place every year in September, over a long weekend.

  • The competition includes three teams: U12, U14 & U18
  • Each tie includes six rubbers: two boys’ singles, two girls’ singles, one boys’ doubles, and onegirls’ doubles matches
Selection criteria is coming soon.

Role of Honour


12 and Under: Brody Lee Stafford, Jack Moloney, Scarlett Foley and Nel Berdychowska. Captain: Sinéad Dunne

14 and Under: Patrick Breen, Narcis Damian, Sienna MacCarthy and Alicia Sutton. Captain: Cian Blake

18 and Under: Patrick Marsh, Johnny Wilkinson, Zara Burns and Rachael Reid. Captain: Carlos Miranda


12 and Under: Patrick Breen, Billy Colfor, Sienna MacCarthy and Eve O’Donovan.

14 and Under: Johnny Fitzgerald, Zac Naughton, Romy Barry and Jenny Marsh.

18 and Under: Daniel Borisov, Liam Hickey, Lucy Hogan and Coco Elise Lynn-Bowne.