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Click here for Junior Irish Ranking Information.
Click here to view the AIG Junior Ranking Table.
View the full Tennis Ireland Junior Calendar here and keep track of all upcoming events and past results on the National Irish circuit.
Provides information on Tennis Ireland’s Selection Criteria for all Junior players representing Ireland at International Level and their respective Provinces at interprovincial level.
Tennis Ireland grants players of an exceptional standard at Under 9 and Under 10 level passports to compete in events at Under 10 and Under 12 competition. For further details and on this click on the traffic light icon.
Since January 2008 Tennis Ireland have implemented new policies when running Under 8, Under 9 and Under 10’s competitions. Click on the left icon for more information on this policy.
Juniors who want to further their tennis career as a coach or club manager can now avail of IT Blanchardstown’s new Honours Degree course in Sports Management and Coaching.  Click here for more information on this course.
Juniors who wish to enter Tennis Europe and Junior ITF events are required to go through Tennis Ireland to enter any of these events and have your applications sanctioned by Tennis Ireland. If you or your child are looking to enter foreign competitions click our globe icon for more details.
Players entering Junior ITF events should be aware of the current circuit regulations and major rule changes on the Junior ITF tour. Go here for more information on these conditions.
Provides players with information on prohibited substances and methods from the list supplied by WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency.