Tennis Coach Ireland

Tennis Coach Ireland was formed in 1992 by a small group of coaches who felt that those teaching the game would benefit from a strong representative voice.  The Association’s membership has now grown to well over 200 qualified coaches from all parts of Ireland.

It is Tennis Coach Ireland’s function to inform and represent coaches in Ireland on all matters relating to teaching the game.  From its inception Tennis Coach Ireland has been affiliated to and worked closely with Tennis Ireland.

Membership Benefits

There are tangible benefits for beings a member of the Tennis Coach Ireland, as detailed below.  An ongoing focus for Tennis Coach Ireland is the development of more benefits for members including:

  • Public Liability Insurance.
  • Membership of – the ITF’s world class instructional website.
  • Membership of the highly regarded coaches site based in the USA.
  • Free Provincial Workshop each year.
  • News and instruction, regularly delivered straight to your desktop.  Tennis Coach Ireland also publish the only magazine dedicated to tennis coaching in Ireland – On The Line which is issued quarterly.
  • From Human Kinetics, the worlds premier publisher of tennis books and DVDs – 15% discount for Tennis Coach Ireland members.
  • Coach Development Officer – available to discuss, advise, and assist members in any way possible.

For further information on Tennis Coach Ireland  please visit or on Facebook