Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding Workshops Explained

The Sport Ireland has recently changed the structure of Safeguarding workshops for Clubs. Each workshop will be 3 hours duration and there will be three workshops as follows:

Safeguarding 1 – Basic Awareness Workshop in Child welfare and protection (3hrs)

Safeguarding 2 – Club Children’s Officer Workshop (3hrs)

Safeguarding 3 – Designated Liaison Person Workshop (3hrs) (tutors to receive revised training in this workshop in March/April)

Your Local Sports Partnership (LSP) conduct regular Safeguarding Workshops.

For more information or to find your nearest local sports partnership use the interactive LSP Contact Finder.


Sport Ireland have an online refresher course for those who have previously completed the Safeguarding training. This should be completed before your certificate expires. To complete the training please click here: and make sure to download your cert at the end.


From 2020 all Safeguarding certificates are valid for 3 years with the Sport Ireland/Sport Northern Ireland online refresher extending this by a further 3 years. If you have a refresher certificate, you must also hold the original Safeguarding Certificate.

For Example, if your cert is dated 2015 your refresher cert needs to be dated 2018 to extend it to 2021, after which you will need to complete the full Safeguarding 1 course again (before the date on your original cert expires).

Anyone who completed a Safeguarding 1 course before 2020 will have until 2022 to complete the new course. By 2022 all Safeguarding courses should be completed through Sport Ireland (run by the Local Sports Partnerships) or Sport Northern Ireland. From 2022 onwards no other Safeguarding training will be accepted.


Sport Northern Ireland host Free Online Refresher course for Coaches, Sports Professionals and Volunteers on the safeguarding of children in a sports environment

Please search under Online Courses.


Click here for frequently asked questions about safeguarding.