Safeguarding children in our sport has been and remains a priority of the highest order to Tennis Ireland.

For several years now, we have taken a pro-active role in working with affiliated clubs and other stakeholders to ensure the highest level of compliance within our sport in terms of the Legislation and TUSLA’s National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children.

Various programmes dedicated to the provision of information and training for officials at all levels of tennis are managed by our National Children’s Officer.  

Roger Geraghty has acted as our National Children’s Officer for the past eighteen years.  Equally the Tennis Ireland Board of Directors ensure that this vital topic is on the agenda of every Board meeting.

These initiatives alone, however, are not sufficient and Tennis Ireland wants to ensure that all Executive or Committee member at every club assumes a level of personal responsibility in safeguarding the well being of all member children and vulnerable adults.

We will only succeed in our responsibility to children where high levels of compliance with the Legal Requirements are supported and fully adhered to by the commitment of the Club Officers and ultimately by the commitment shown by every club member.

Tennis Ireland requires all member clubs to be compliant with the Legislation by September 2020

To assist clubs in the task Tennis Ireland has published a booklet “Safeguarding Guidance for Children and young people in Tennis” as well as series of downloadable appendices to support all stakeholders with the development of their policies and procedures to support their Risk assessment and Safeguarding Statement.

Please see below – 

Please note that it is of the utmost importance that your club keeps Tennis Ireland informed of the  current Children’s Officers and Designated Liaison Person’s contact details. 

Tennis Ireland National Children’s Officer – Roger Geraghty

Role of the National Children’s Officer – please see appendix 6 of the Tennis Ireland Safeguarding manual linked at the top of this page.

Tennis Ireland Designated Liaison Person – TBC


Risk Assessment With Appendices March 2022

Safeguarding Policy 2022