Junior Calendar 2010

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Results and Draws

26-Mar 28-Mar National Spring Matchplays (u.12) Rushbrooke TC click
26-Mar 28-Mar National Spring Matchplays (u.14) Bangor TC click
26-Mar 28-Mar National Spring Matchplays (u.16) Castlebar TC 094 90 23644 click
27-Mar 2-Apr Brookfield Junior Open Brookfield LTC 01 4974168 click 
28-Mar 1-Apr Larkspur  Park Tennis Club Junior Tournament Larkspur TC 085 705 0952
03-Apr 10-Apr Templeogue Junior Open Templeogue LTC 01 4902760 click
06-Apr 10-Apr Dunedin Junior Championships Lurgan  TC click 
23-Apr 25-Apr Malahide Junior Open Qualifying Round Malahide LTC 01 8452480 click
30-Apr 3-May Malahide Junior Open Malahide LTC 01 8452480 click
30-Apr 3-May Carrigaline Junior Championships Carrigaline LTC 021 4371856 click
12-May 16-May Lower Aghada Junior Championships Lower Aghada LTC 021 4661200
29-May 30-May Mullingar U9 & U10 Mullingar LTC 044 9340272 click
5-Jun 7-Jun Mullingar U12 Qualifying Mullingar LTC 044 9340272 click
12-Jun 13-Jun Mullingar U12 Singles Mullingar LTC 044 9340272 click
11-Jun 19-Jun Carrickmines Junior Open Carrickmines LTC 01 2894631 click
19-Jun 20-Jun Mullingar U14 Singles Mullingar LTC 044 9340272 click
20-Jun 26-Jun Co. Louth Junior Open Dundalk LTC 042 9335327 click
20-Jun 26-Jun Eastern Counties Junior Championships Co. Wicklow LTC 01 2863786 click 
20-Jun 26-Jun Munster Junior Clay Court Open Championships Co. Tipperary LTC 062 51224 click
25-Jun 27-Jun Kilkelly Meteor Junior Championships Castlebar LTC 094 9022519 click
26-Jun 3-Jul Leinster Junior Open Lansdowne LTC 01 6680219 click
26-Jun 27-Jun Mullingar U18’S Singles and Doubles Mullingar LTC 044 9340272 click 
26-Jun 27-Jun Mullingar u.12 and u.14 Doubles Mullingar LTC 044 9340272 click 
28-Jun 3-Jul Co. Wexford Junior Open Hillbrook LTC 053 9234206 click
27-Jun 3-Jul South of Ireland Junior Championships Limerick LTC 061 452316 click 
27-Jun 3-Jul The Douglas Junior Open Douglas LTC 021 4294037 click
27-Jun 3-Jul Castleview Junior Championships Castleview LTC 051 643915 click
28-Jun 3-Jul West Ulster Championships Enniskillen LTC 028 66328960 click
4-Jul 10-Jul Munster Junior Championships Sunday’s Well Boating & TC 021 4272733 click 
3-Jul 10-Jul Co. Kildare Junior Open Naas LTC 045 879766 click 
5-Jul 10-Jul Belfast Junior Hardcourt Championships CIYMS LTC 028 90760120 click
9-Jul 11-Jul West of Ireland Championships Sligo TC 071 9162580 click 
10-Jul 17-Jul South Leinster Junior Championships Greystones TC 01 2876505 click 
10-Jul 17-Jul Meath Junior Open Stackallen LTC 041 9824279 click
11-Jul 17-Jul Bishopstown Junior Championships Bishopstown LTC 021 4343113 click
11-Jul 17-Jul Nenagh Junior Championships Nenagh LTC 067 33 103 click
11-Jul 17-Jul Tramore Junior Championships Tramore LTC 051 381426 click 
12-Jul 17-Jul Co. Antrim Junior Championships Ballycastle LTC  — click
12-Jul 18-Jul Longford Junior Championships Longford LTC 043 47379 click
12-Jul 17-Jul Co. Carlow Junior Open Carlow LTC 059 9143775 click
18-Jul 24-Jul Irish Close Championships Rushbrooke LTCC 021 4811451 click
19-Jul 23-Jul East Antrim Junior Championships Larne LTC 028 28276290 click
19-Jul 24-Jul U14 Tennis Europe Championships Mount Pleasant LTC 01 8844010  click 
17-Jul 23-Jul Donnybrook ITF Junior Championships Donnybrook LTC 01 2692838 click
19-Jul 24-Jul Connacht Junior Open Galway LTC 091 522353 click
17-Jul 26-Jul Co. Kilkenny Junior Championships Kilkenny LTC 056 65157 click
24-Jul 30-Jul Rushbrooke ITF Rushbrooke LTCC 021 4811451 click
24-Jul 31-Jul Ulster Junior Championships Belfast Boat Club 028 90665012 click
24-Jul 31-Jul Leopardstown Junior Open Leopardstown LTC 01 2835343 click
25-Jul 31-Jul Causeway Junior Championships Causeway LTC 058 42813
25-Jul 31-Jul Bandon Junior Championships Bandon LTC  — click
31-Jul 7-Aug Shankill Junior Open Shankill LTC 01 2825400 click
31-Jul 8-Aug North Eastern Junior Championships Laytown/Bettystown LTC 041 9827713 click
1-Aug 6-Aug ETA Europe Rushbrooke LTCC 021 4811451 click 
1-Aug 7-Aug St. Annes Junior Championships St. Annes LTC  051 874350 click 
2-Aug 7-Aug Co. Armagh Junior Championships Portadown LTC 028 38333806 click 
7-Aug 14-Aug Donnybrook Junior Open Championships Donnybrook LTC 01 2692838 click
9-Aug 12-Aug Inter-Provincial Championships Castlebar LTC 094 9023644 click
09-Aug 14-Aug Hillview Junior Championships Hillview LTC 052 21805 click
09-Aug 14-Aug Co. Fermanagh Junior Championships Irvinestown LTC 028 68628780 click
09-Aug 14-Aug Wexford Junior Championships Wexford Harbour B&TC 053 22039 click
13-Aug 21-Aug Junior Irish LT Championships Fitzwilliam LTC 01 660 3988 click
16-Aug 20-Aug North Down Junior Championships  Bangor TC  — click
19-Aug 29-Aug Junior Hardcourt Championships Windsor LTC 028 9066 5188 click
22-Oct 25-Oct Co. Kildare U9 & U11 Naas LTC 045 879766 click
23-Oct 25-Oct Ballinlough Junior Championships Ballinlough LTC 021 4291433 click
25-Oct 30-Oct David Lloyd Ulster Indoors  —  — click
27-Dec 31-Dec National Indoor Championships  David Lloyd Riverview 01 8844010  click

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