The Tennis Ireland Coaches Association has recently published a new book called 40 Great Tennis Sessions, which has been written by Peter Farrell

40 Great Tennis Sessions provides exactly what the name suggests: sets of logical and progressive exercises on the major tennis skills. They are laid out so that the book can be taken on court, and each drill easily implemented step by step to ensure rapid improvement. The exercises in each chapter provide a complete on-court practice session for an important tennis skill.



use this book as a set of lesson blueprints. The ‘off the page and onto the court’ approach means that you will have at your fingertips forty new lesson plans to add to your repertoire.



for rapid game development, keep this book courtside and introduce the drills into your practice sessions.



do you want to assist in the development of your child’s tennis, but are not certain how to proceed? Using the exercises in 40 Great Tennis Sessions will ensure you make the best use of your time together on court.



Peter Farrell has taught tennis for the past 30 years. He works in the field of coach development in Ireland and has written coaches’ training courses for Tennis Ireland, the game’s National Governing Body. He has contributed to publications by the International Tennis Federation, most recently their Coaching Beginner and Intermediate Tennis Players manual. His work includes acting as tutor and examiner at all levels of the Tennis Ireland coaches training scheme.



You can read more about the book, and order 40 Great Tennis Sessions through  If you wish to use an alternative method to order, please email for details.



Part One – Serve and Return
Serving For Beginners
Serving to Win
The Big Serve
The Second Serve
Return of Serve
Returning against the Serve-Volleyer



Part Two – Groundstrokes
Consistency 1
Consistency 2
Depth 1
Depth 2
Hitting Early



Part Three – Net Play
Approaching the Net 1
Approaching the Net 2
Approaching the Net 3
The Volley 1
The Volley 2
The Drop Volley



Part Four – The Extras
The Drop Shot
The Half Volley
The Lob
The Smash
Lob and Smash



Part Five – Doubles Play
Positioning – The Basics
Receiving Serve
Net Play
Doubles Miscellaneous
The Two-Versus-One Session



Part Six – Strategy and Tactics
Formulating Strategy and Tactics
Moving the Opponent 1
Moving the Opponent 2
Stop the Attack
Last Line of Defence
Attacking a Short Ball
Attributes of a Strong Player



Part Seven – In The Mind
Introduction to Anticipation
Advanced Anticipation
Pupils Give the Lesson!