Tennis Ireland League Advisor Series

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League Advisor Series

League Advisor is a Cloud-based service that allows clubs to track their League teams and results, providing enhanced player participation and information.

It consists of a generic set of modules, is simple to use consists of the by completing the following steps:

Register players on the National Player Database (NPD) to obtain a Tennis Ireland PIN

Tennis Ireland recommend that registration is completed centrally using a dedicated software module. These have been produced by a number of software vendors providing a wide range of features and facilities. Alternatively, TI PINs can be obtained by visiting the Tennis Ireland website but the allocation of new PINs, outside working hours may not suit the timing of league play.

Register players to teams within their Class, Grade or Level

Players are usually registered to play within various grades or classes. Over time, the results history of a player will automatically recommend a player level. Initially, this will be up to the League contact within the club to manage. Substitutes can also be designated.

Schedule matches

Schedule Round-Robin tournaments using some of the scheduling tools available

Communicate with teams/players

The Communications module of League Advisor is currently under development. Within its design is the ability to send a text or email to every captain, player or substitute to advise them of the campaign, match venues, contact details of other players, participating club locations, etc

Complete fixture
    Play and enjoy!

Record results on-line

Record the results of individual matches/fixtures using the on-line results manager. This will be pre-completed with the fixture details (from the Scheduler) and only needs the team members and set results to be entered. In time, this will be available on tablets and smart phones as an app!

Display results on your web-site

The results, once entered, will update the overall League results table on your dedicated website.

The system, developed by Tennis Ireland, is based on the rules and regulations of Tennis Ireland and is free to affiliated clubs and leagues. Please send an email to for further information.

More than 30,000 players have registered with the Tennis Ireland National Player Database, representing many of the leading clubs in Ireland. Is your club involved?
Complementary products include Club Manager (Garbh Software), Tournament Planner and League Planner (Tournament Software), Easy Payment Plus, Smart Club Membership (Smart Club Solutions)

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I already have a Tennis Ireland PIN?

Is my club participating?

How do I obtain a PIN?
Contact your club or go to and select the option “Request a PIN”
How do I record League results?
Log in to your NPD profile and select “League Results”. The option not available on your menu?

I am a team captain, how do I locate my team members?
Use the” Search Player” option on your menu
How do I nominate my team for a League?
Use the “Nominate Team” option on the menu
Is my League participating?

I think I have a Tennis Ireland PIN, how do I activate my account to see results?

How is my information protected?

Where can I get more information?

Who do I contact with a specific question?
What are the benefits?
Players and substitutes carried over from year to year to reduce administration overhead
Individual and team results available for comparison purposes