Hibernia College Scholarships Autumn 2012

Hibernia College Scholarships Autumn 2012


Hibernia College have launched a new suite of undergraduate programmes whereby participants will study with Hibernia College to attain a University of London undergraduate degree.

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Scholarship Scheme

Hibernia College is currently working with Tennis Ireland to provide scholarships for these new programmes to tennis players offering scholarships of up to 60% off the standard course fee of €4980 p.a. for the 2012/2013 academic year.  The scholarship affords Irish sports men and women the opportunity to complete a degree or diploma while they continue to shine in their sport.

Applications in all cases must be made to Hibernia College before 27th August 2012. A screening panel comprising of Hibernia College personnel and an independent expert will be designated to decide on successful applicants.

For more information please see below or e-mail  info@hiberniacollege.net

Undergraduate Programmes Overview

What it is:

Candidates can now study with Hibernia College and attain a degree that is awarded by the prestigious University of London. Hibernia College is providing tuition, full academic and pastoral support for the programme, including intensive exam preparation.


·         BSc Business

·         BSc Management

·         BSc Computing and Information Systems

·         BSc Creative Computing

·         Diploma in Management (for graduates)


3 years for BSc programmes, 1 year for diploma


 €4980 per year


For the BSc programmes, potential students are required to meet minimum qualifications criteria at leaving cert standard. In general, entry requirements are five Leaving Cert subjects at Higher (Honours) Level with a minimum of Grade B or above in one of those subjects and Grade C or above in the remaining four subjects. In addition, maths at Ordinary Level Grade B or C (or above) is required, subject to individual programmes requirements (see full details on the Hibernia College web site).


For the diploma, potential students are required to already hold a degree qualification.

Start date:

Programmes commence in October 2012.


Studying with Hibernia College:

Studying with the College involves a dynamic online study experience in a structured and supportive environment. Video, live online tutorials, exam preparation and peer collaboration brings the course to life and creates a vibrant class community.

They offer:

·         – A personal academic advisor throughout your time on the programme.

·         – A dedicated virtual learning environment

·         – Live, interactive, online tutorials with subject experts

·         – Structured weekly lessons, tasks and self-assessments

·         – A dedicated online library with access to over 50,000 online journals and ebooks

·         – Collaborative online spaces such as forums, blogs and workshops for sharing ideas with tutors and peers

·         – Dedicated social networking areas for informal support and discussions

·         – Ongoing formative assignments to help you gauge and monitor your progress

How do I apply?


1)      Email info@tennisireland.ie  to advise you are applying for a Hibernia College scholarship. You will be provided with a verification code which needs to be provided to Hibernia College.

2)      Complete the Stage 1 application form on Hibernia College website. You will find this online form on the course details page (links are below).

3)      Hibernia College will assess your application and advise if your application has been

a.       Accepted – further shortlisting and interviews required before a scholarship may be offered.

b.      Additional information is required.

c.       Application has been unsuccessful.

Course Information

Diploma in Management

This programme is suitable for graduates of any discipline who, for professional or personal reasons, wish to secure a stand-alone qualification in management. It is also ideal for those who wish to undertake postgraduate work and whose first degree is in an unrelated field. The programme aims to provide a thorough grounding in the principles of management while developing critical skills for a wide range of real world professional situations.


BSc Management

This degree is for candidates who wish to study the activity of management and the environment in which the manager operates. It aims to provide an opportunity for critical and theoretical study, particularly in economics. Students will receive an intellectually demanding, broad preparation for management that draws on a wide range of social science disciplines. This degree is preparation for a career in areas of management consultancy, banking, accountancy or general management.


BSc Business

This programme aims to provide an understanding of the different functional areas of business and a solid foundation for a career in management. This degree course will prepare students for a career in areas of management consultancy, banking, accountancy and general management.


BSc Creative Computing

This programme gives students skills in designing computer applications as well as using them. It will enable student to express their own creativity, providing the knowledge, confidence and ability to act as creative professionals in the computing, media and arts industries. It is preparation for a variety of careers, including: design (particularly games design), computing in the film, music or television industries, web development, animation, IT consultancy or systems management or analysis.


BSc Computing and Information Systems

This degree allows students to learn how to develop systems that can grow to meet new and changing needs in modern business environments and in arts, media and cultural applications. It also provides a route to a variety of higher degrees in the computing and information systems sector. The programme aims to give a wide appreciation of the subject, rather than just an understanding of existing commercial approaches, to equip students with the capacity to adapt to meet contemporary need.