Davis Cup Messages 2010

Support Irish Davis Cup Team 2010


Jul 10, 2010 10:09:09 AM

Your Name: Desmond

Your Message: Come on Ireland you can do it 

Your Location: Limerick 

Jul 08, 2010 09:12:43 PM

Your Name: Eimear 

Your Message: Best of Luck to the team this weekend. 

Your Location: Carlow 


Jul 08, 2010 11:29:07 AM 

Your Name: Teresa  

Your Message: “Good Luch lads hope you win the tie & all your matches! I will be attending the Tie” 

Your Location: Brookfield Tennis Club 



Jul 08, 2010 09:45:02 AM 

Your Name: J  


Your Location: CARLOW 

7th July 2010 14:39pm

Your Name: de Redmond clan
Your Message: Looking forward to a good weekend of tennis. Best of luck in Fitz.
Your Location: Dublin

7th July 2010 13:37pm

Your Name: Sports Village , Cork
Your Message: Good Luck to James and all the team. Darren
Your Location: www.sportsvillagecork.com


6th July 2010 16:53pm

Your Name    Jessica
Your Message    Lets all get behind the lads in Fitz this weekend. Its been a great year so far for Irish tennis.
Your Location    wicklow


6th July 2010 16:10pm

Your Name    Maureen
Your Message    Good luck to all the Irish especially James McGee.
Your Location    Dublin

6th July 2010 15:15pm

Your Name:    marek and krzysztof from poland
Your Message:    we support irish team
Your Location:    galway

10th March 2010 17.52pm

Your Location :  Laois

10th March 2010 17.47pm

Your Name :             Sean

Your Message :             GOOD LUCK IRELAND!!!

Your Location :                Laois

9th March 2010 17.11pm

Your Name :             Arthur

Your Message :               Great win against Turkey and good luck against Lithuania.

Your Location :               Dublin

 9th March 2010 07.45am

your Name :             sam o

Your Message :             common barry de king big aces on the day

Your Location :                carrickmines



8th March 2010 21.34pm

Your Name :   sean c and family
Your Message :  good luck
Your Location :  ringsend dublin 4




8th March 2010 20.45pm

Your Name :   Kate G
Your Message :  I was one of the ballgirls for the tie last weekend and the whole team played amazing!!!You were all fantastic, WELL DONE. XXX
Your Location :  Blackrock, Co.Dublin

8th March 2010 18.31pm

Your Name :   R gaule
Your Message :  Alle le vert come on the lads louky niler kinger mcgee doing Ireland proud
Your Location :  Waterford




7th March 2010 08.52am

Your Name :  Niall M
Your Message :  great win lads and louk get well soon
Your Location :  at home

6th March 2010 16.52am

Your Name :  Tennisfan
Your Message :  Great result yesterday. Keep it up. Tennisfan
Your Location :  Dublin

6th March 2010 11.49am


Your Name :  HELEN M
Your Message :  Well done to the lads,they all played a blinder.Watched it at Fitzwilliam and the athmosphere was electric.
Your Location :  dublin 

5th March 2010 22.57pm

Your Name :  J.N
Your Message :  Louk Continue where you left in Melbourne .Best of luck to you and the rest of the team
Your Location :  Carlow

5th March 2010 17.44pm

Your Name : Jiri

Your Message : Good luck 🙂

Your Location : Ostrava, Czech Republic p>

5th March 2010 17.17pm

Your Name : Paul O’
Your Message : let’s go boys – execute as Andre Agassi would say
Your Location : Reading UK

5th March 2010 16.18pm

Your Name :  ben messayeh
Your Message :  c’mon lads u can do it!!!!!!!
Your Location :  drogheda co louth

5th March 2010 15.04pm

Your Name :  David B
Your Message :  Come on, lads. You’ll be a great inspiration to all tennis players in Ireland. Will be along to cheer on Sunday.
Your Location :  UCD

5th March 2010 10.10am

Your Name :  Mary B
Your Message :  Good Luck Ireland – stay positive!
Your Location :  Claremont Railway Union Tennis Club

4th March 2010 17.53pm

Your Name :  Bernadette C
Your Message :  Best of luck to you all. We’ll be rootin for you’s tomorrow.
Your Location :  Dublin 4


4th March 2010 16.00pm

Your Name :  michael
Your Message :  go on louk and ireland. im going to it
Your Location :  castleknock ltc

4th March 2010 14.03pm

Your Name :  Kate
Your Message :  Have a smashing weekend lads and give them hell!
Your Location :  Castleknock



1st March 2010 22.18pm

Your Name : Ben S
Your Message : Give it your best SHOTS guys – we will all be rooting for the Irish!
Your Location : Co. Limerick



1st March 2010 19.35pm

Your Name : Mary L.
Your Message : Best of luck in your match against Turkey! You can do it!
Your Location : Carlow LTC

1st March 2010 08.45am

Your Name : Helen M
Your Location : DUBLIN

26th February 2010 21:49pm

Your Name :      Julie B
Your Message :     Hey Lads Play As Best As You Can Best Of Luck !
Your Location :     blackrock

26th February 2010 17:39pm

Your Name :      Aoife O
Your Message :     Good luck Ireland, its great to be able to send messages of support to you guys from here. Do the business!
Your Location :     Dublin

26th February 2010 16:16pm

Your Name :      Michael
Your Message :     Best of luck to everyone involved. SHould be a great weekend.
Your Location :     Dublin

25th February 2010 22:34pm

Your Name :  james
Your Message :  i would like to support the boys when they play turkey
Your Location :  bettystown county meath

25th February 2010 15:01pm

Your Name :  Maurice
Your Message :  Wishing the Davis Cup Team every success !
Your Location :  Dromahane LTC

23rd February 2010 14:18pm

Your Name :  Ger D
Your Message :  Best of luck lads. Will be cheering for you
Your Location :  Mount Pleasant LTC

23rd February 2010 12:06pm

Your Name :  Aisling
Your Message :  Got my Irish flag ready for 5th March!

Your Location :  Dublin



22nd February 2010 20:22pm

Your Name :  aidan
Your Message :  cmonn the fightin irish!!
Your Location :  dublin


22nd February 2010 19:36pm

Your Name :  bugs b
Your Message :  come on boys you can do it
Your Location :  ireland


21st February 2010 19:47pm

Your Name :   Pat
Your Message :  Best of Luck

Your Location :  Kerry


14th February 2010 15:13pm

Your Name :   Sean F
Your Message :  Come on Ireland
Your Location :  Laois

13th February 2010 21:46pm

Your Name :   Deirdre
Your Message :  I would like to wish the Davis Cup Team well, both players and all involved with the team.
Your Location :  Nenagh LTC

11th February 2010 12:58pm

Your Name :  Arthur
Your Message :  Best of Luck Ireland
Your Location :  Dublin

9th February 2010 12:53pm

Your Name :  barry r
Your Message :  looking forward to supporting the team for up coming home tie
Your Location :  Wicklow Town LTC

4th February 2010 13:56pm

Your Name :   Tanya

Your Message :  Go on the Irish
Your Location :  Dublin City

4th February 2010 10:00am

Your Name :   Paula
Your Message :  really looking forward to the Davis Cup weekend.
Your Location :  Dublin

3rd February 2010 10:47am

Your Name :  Jo S

Your Message :  We’ll all be cheering for you
Your Location :  Sligo

3rd February 2010 09:07am

Your Name :  Susan

Your Message :  Can’t wait! Got my tickets already!!
Your Location :  Dublin

3rd February 2010 01:58am

Your Name :  Anne M
Your Message :  Make us proud!!
Your Location :  Chicago, IL, USA

2nd February 2010 23:11pm

Your Name :  Jack

Your Message :  Best of luck lads
Your Location :  Cork

2nd February 2010 20:52pm

Your Name :  Ciaran J
Your Message :  The yearly Davis Cup rollercoaster begins – Good Luck guys. Bring on Murray 🙂
Your Location :  Castleknock LTC

2nd February 2010 20:33pm

Your Name :  Mary
Your Message :  Best of luck lads. Cant wait for the weekend.
Your Location :  Wicklow