GDPR Training

All Club Officials are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the requirements of GDPR and where necessary undertake training.

Tennis Ireland has been working with the Federation of Irish Sport and the training company, Olive Media to develop a “GDPR Awareness” training programme for our member Clubs. This programme is accredited by the Insurance Institute in Ireland for CPD and it is recognised as a formal CPD for the Central Bank of Ireland, Retail Product Categories.

The course is online, which will provide trainees with greater flexibility around taking it and thus a reduction in travel costs. Th course should take approximately 35 minutes to complete and there are a number of questions to answer as you progress through it.

We have negotiated a special rate discounted rate for our member Clubs of €30 per user. The normal rate would be €50.

We would encourage you to undertake this course as soon as possible and you can do so by registering here