COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Return to Tennis Guidance


Protocols for Tennis 2021
The protocols which can be accessed via the links below, aim to safeguard staff, volunteers, members, and the wider community.

Clubs_ReturnToPlay_Nov21 Final 3


COVID Protocols June 7th 2021 v1.3

Return to Play Northern Ireland May 24 2021

ROI Protocols from_May 10th 2021 v1.2


Running Safe Tennis Camps during COVID-19

Running-Safe-Tennis-Camps-during-Covid19 June 2021

Risk Assessment Template for Summer Camps June 2021


Return to Competition Guidelines Northern Ireland and Rep. Of Ireland

Return to Competition Guidelines Version 4– Updated May 27th 2021

Sample Conditions of Entry – Regulations

The measures cover each step of the journey from home to the club and back home again and it is recommended that they are implemented in full until further notice.
The measures and procedures are under constant review and will be updated as advice from government, health authorities and governing bodies evolves in line with the gradual lifting of social restrictions.
Tennis Ireland will be preparing further protocols as we move through each phase and will communicate and distribute these in advance to our clubs and stakeholders via our various channels.
To further assist clubs, Tennis Ireland has established a dedicated email address, which can be utilised by clubs to pose questions or indeed suggest further good practice.  This email account will be monitored daily.

There are four key tools in the fight against Covid-19:

  1. The maintenance of Social / Physical Distancing is key, and the protocols devised for clubs, players and coaches during the first phase of reopening clearly outline the requirements in this regard.
  2. Undertaking Good Hand Hygiene Practices and cleaning regimes and the ready availability of hand sanitizing gels is something that every club should promote by having sanitizing gel available both in the clubhouse and adjacent to courts.  Tennis Ireland has engaged with several agents whom clubs can utilise to source such products and they can be sourced via this link List of Suppliers for Sanitiser Products
  3. Respiratory Etiquette which includes coughing or sneezing into the elbow or a tissue, disposing of the tissue safely and then cleansing the hands.
  4. The Education of club staff, volunteers, members and coaches to inform their behavior is very important. This can be achieved through regular communication of the protocols via club communication channels and by displaying the range of information posters that can be accessed via the link below throughout the club environment. Tennis Ireland will also regularly post communications via its own channels in this regard and will organise and communicate to clubs the details of online webinars to assist with any queries in the coming days.

Following the protocols and using the tools at our disposal will prevent the spread and further outbreaks of Covid-19.
As a country, we can only move from one phase to the next if the virus stays under control between each phase. As a sport we must be mindful that on account of our sport being one of the first to reopen that we will be in the spotlight and poor practice will be exposed and criticized widely.  Therefore, as a sporting community we will all need to play our part so it is vital that the protocols that will be developed and communicated in each phase are strictly followed.


HSE Stay Safe. Protect Each Other Poster

Cover Your Cough and Sneeze