What is the ITN ?

The ITN is an international tennis number that represents a player’s general level of play.  In time it is hoped that every tennis player worldwide will have an ITN.

Under this system players will be rated from ITN 1 – ITN 10.  ITN 1 represents a high level player (holding an ATP / WTA ranking or of an equivalent playing standard) and ITN 10 is a player who is starting to play competitively (can serve and return) on a full court using a normal ITF approved ball.

To facilitate the rating of players the ITF have developed a Description of Standards and an Objective On Court Assessment both of which can be used to rate players in the absence of competition results.

The ‘ITN Description of Standards’ describes each of the ten rating categories.  Click here for a concise summary of this Description of Standards.  Click here for the grid to see where the various Irish competitors fit into the ITN.

Approved by the ITF Coaches Commission and the ITF International Tennis Rating Taskforce, it is hoped this guide will help players to be accurately rated.  Whilst trying to make the Description of Standards as precise as possible, the Taskforce has attempted to keep it simple and not too technical.  The intention is that it should be easy to understand and useful for both the player and / or the assessor (coach / administrator).

The ITN Description of Standards has avoided rating players purely on the technical assessment of individual shots.  Instead it has used as its basis:

  • the general characteristics of various playing levels
  • the five-game / tactical situations of tennis (e.g. serving, returning, both at baseline, approaching, passing)
  • the game-style of the player.


On Court Assessment

The other way by which you get your ITN number is to participate in an exercise known as an on court assessment.

An on court assessment has been specifically developed for the ITN, which will be an important tool for the ongoing success of the ITN.  The ITN On Court Assessment measures certain key strokes of consistency, accuracy (1st bounce) and power (2nd bounce).  It also includes a mobility element.

Click here to download ITN Grid.