What Is The ITN?

Every player should have an International Tennis Number.  This is a number from one to ten that equates to a players level of ability.  The ITN is an ITF worldwide initiative, fully adopted and supported by Tennis Ireland.  Further details of this programme are available here.

It is a fast moving train that’s gathering momentum and it’s time to get aboard! Assigning players with an ITN will facilitate clubs and coaches in designing on court activities to satisfy the needs of all players. 

Tara Congdon, Tennis Ireland Development Officer runs some questions relating to the ITN by Director of Development, Roger Geraghty. So coaches, players, tournament organisers, club committees, get on top of the facts and listen to this podcast for the lowdown on the ITN




The International Tennis number is about to become active and the last date to self-assign your number is Nov 30th. After this date one will be assigned for you. 

To assign an ITN to your profile login to your account now on tournamentsoftware , If you need assistance email Maria/Cathie at npd@tennisireland.ie

To estimate your ITN follow the conversion chart HERE

What Is The ITN Number