Tennis Ireland National Ranking

Tennis Ireland (Open) Rankings

The Tennis Ireland Senior Ranking has been developed to provide a new service for all players and tournament directors in Ireland. The goal was to create a system that increased accuracy in seedings, developed a consistent tournament structure across Ireland and gave players a way to measure how their tennis is progressing. Rankings will be processed on a weekly basis. They can be viewed HERE.

Rankings are distinct from ratings with players only gaining ranking points for winning matches within sanctioned open tournaments.

Players will be ranked within their ‘Level’. The Class, Grade and Divisions that are currently in place across the country have been mapped to these new levels.

                    Eg. Grade 1, Class 1 = Level 1 

                          Grade 5, Class 5 = Level 5

To complement the new ranking system Tennis Ireland are beginning to roll out the new Tennis Ireland Tour structure.

Tournaments will be categorised as follows:

Tennis Ireland Tour National (1500)
Tennis Ireland Tour 1000
Tennis Ireland Tour 500
Tennis Ireland Tour 250
Tennis Ireland Tour 100


From this players will know how many points are available at each tournament.

As players are ranked within their level, they will all receive the same ranking points based on their final position within the draw.

                            Eg. Player A wins a Level 1 event in a Tennis Ireland Tour 500 tournament and receives 500pts within the Level 1 Ranking. A player winning a Level 5 event in the same tournament will also receive 500pts, but within the Level 5 Ranking.

Rankings will be provided for Levels 1-7 in singles, doubles and mixed.

Ranking Points Explained

All players entering Tennis Ireland sanctioned open tournaments are eligible for ranking points depending on the round they reach and the Category of the Tournament.
Players who do not win a match will not be awarded ranking points.

             Eg. A player receives a Bye into the Quarter Final and then loses, they will not receive any points.

Players without TI Pins will not receive ranking points.

Players will be ranked on THEIR BEST SIX tournaments (players will appear on the ranking after receiving points from one tournament).
Only points accumulated in the most recent 52 weeks will count towards a player’s ranking. After 52 weeks the points will drop off.
You may be ranked within multiple levels and across singles, doubles and mixed.

Ranking Down

The ranking down principle explained-
A ranking down rule will also be in use, this allows for points won at a higher level to be used within a lower level.
Only two sets of points from a higher level will be carried down to a lower level. This will only happen when the points from the higher level are greater than those within the top 6 at a lower level and only if you have received points previously at that lower level.

               Eg. Player A wins a Level 2 event in a Tennis Ireland Tour 250 tournament. They now have 250pts in Level 2. Player A also has points in Level 3, therefore the 250pts gained in Level 2 will also be included in their Level 3 ranking.


Ranking Table

A PDF version is available by clicking on the image. 

International Tournaments and Ranking Points

Points received in International Tournaments are converted to Irish Ranking points using a given conversion rate that reflects the strength of the event. Points will be awarded to players that didn’t reach the second round in a main draw if they won one or more matches in the Qualifying round. Points given will reflect the Category of the International Tournament. The onus will be on the player to submit the tournament details at the below link giving the details of the event they played in and a link to the draw webpage by 12 noon on the Tuesday immediately following the final date of the tournament.
Submit International Tournament details HERE.

Junior ITF Ranking Points

Ranking points from a junior players top 2 Junior ITF u18 results will be included within their senior ranking results at Level 1.

            Eg. A player received 400 points for ITF u18 Event A, 500 points from ITF u18 Event B and 300 points from ITF u18 Event C. The 400 points from Event A and 5oo from Event B will be added to their Level 1 results and will appear within the ranking, if part of that players top 6 results. 


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