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Tennis Ireland Junior Tour

***Please Note: rankings will be published by close of business Wednesday of each week.***

Tennis Ireland is very pleased to announce the launch of our new TI Junior Tour.

The new structure whilst similar to the existing one offers a broad platform to support Junior Tennis and players at all levels.

The new structure will be greatly beneficial to junior tennis in Ireland as:

  • It reflects and rewards standards in a more consistent manner across all levels in line with best practice internationally.
  • Begins to set minimum requirements and standards that the tournaments must meet.
  • Increases the number of tournaments across the country to benefit all players.
  • Most weeks in the Calendar during the summer will have more than one tournament at different levels.
  • Support in establishing a clear player pathway as the Junior Tour will have the same look and feel as the Senior and eventually Veterans (Seniors) Tours.
  • It will support the integration of Tennis Ireland’s new rating system the ITF World Tennis Number which will be launched later this year in Ireland and across the world.

*Logos will change once new branding is complete

The new TI Junior Tour was outlined in the 2020 Junior Calendar published first published November 2019.

The new TI Junior Tour Ranking points structure will apply to all 2020 tournaments. Ranking points will be adjusted for the National Indoors and will be reflected in the rankings published Tuesday 28th January 2020 (ranking week 2020-5).

What this means:

  • Points obtained in the National Indoors will be changed.
  • Players will now benefit from the new points table for all tournaments.

Ranking rules are not changing and will continue apply in the same manner (for details please refer to our ranking webpage):

  • No win-no points
  • Top 6 results
  • 52 rolling weeks
  • Ranking down

International Events:

The conversion factors applied to points obtained in ITF or Tennis Europe events will be changed:

  • To reflect the new points structure.
  • To better reflect the standard and impact of international events on national rankings.



Click here to view the Junior Ranking Table.

Registration on the National Player Database

All players must be registered with an account on ti.tournamentsoftware.com in order to enter an open tournament and to be eligible for ranking points.  Players without a Tennis Ireland PIN (an 8 digit number) can register at ti.tournamentsoftware.com/ using the ‘sign up ‘option.

Ranking Categories will determine the quantity of points gained by the player:

  • Each tournament’s category grading is available in the Junior Calendar.
  • Points awarded for each category are available to view in the PDF ‘National rankings points 2019’ below.


Ranking Points explained

All junior players entering Tennis Ireland sanctioned junior open tournaments are eligible for ranking points depending on the round they reach and the Category of the Tournament. 

  • Players who do not win a match will not be awarded ranking points. 
  • Players will be ranked on THEIR BEST SIX tournaments. 
  • Only points accumulated in the most recent 12 months will count towards a player’s ranking. After 12 months the points will drop off.

Reference the PDF document at the end of the page for ranking points tables.

Tournament Categories

Before the beginning of the season, all tournaments are categorised by the national competitions committee. 

The Category allocated to each event guarantees that players entering the event will receive that Category’s ranking points.
Tournament categories can be viewed on the Tennis Ireland Junior Calendar.

Matchplays and Points

National Matchplays will be Category ‘National’ tournaments.

Provincial and Regional Matchplay  categories
  Provincial Matchplay Regional Matchplay Regional -8 entries or less Regional -3 entries or less
Leinster Category 2 Category 3 Category 3 Category 4
Munster  Category 2 Category 3   Category 4
Connacht  Category 2 Category 3   Category 4
Ulster Category 2 Category 3   Category 4

Qualifying, Provincial and National Matchplay are considered as one item with points awarded only ONCE (highest points achieved within the series) at the end of each series.

Reference the PDF document at the end of the page for details of matchplay ranking points.

Introduction of National Junior Doubles Rankings – 2016

Doubles rankings were introduced at the start of the 2015/2016 season.

Doubles points are calculated by applying the points awarded for the category down from the category assigned to the tournament on the TI calendar. e.g. In a Category 1 tournament where the singles winner gets 400 points the doubles points will be calculated based on a category 2 tournament (250 points to the winner).

Doubles ranking points are assigned individually to each player.

The same factors being applied to singles rankings for Tennis Europe and ITF events will be applied to national doubles rankings.

Doubles rankings are displayed in the same location as singles rankings here.

International Tournaments and Ranking Points

Points received in International Tournaments are converted to Irish Ranking points using a given conversion rate that reflects the strength of the event.  Points will be awarded to players that didn’t reach the second round in a main draw if they won one or more matches in the Qualifying round.  Points given will reflect the Category of the International Tournament.  The onus will be on the player to submit the tournament details at the below link giving the details of the event they played in and a link to the draw webpage by 12 noon on the Tuesday immediately following the final date of the tournament.

Submit International Tournament details here.

National Junior Ranking 2019 – Info for Players

The 2019 National Junior Ranking commenced on 1st January 2019 and the Junior Season will follow the calendar year.

Following an extensive review of transition points in national junior rankings it has been decided by the Junior Development  Committee of Tennis Ireland that transition points will not be carried over into the following year for those players changing age groups.

The Committee is making this change under the powers available to Tennis Ireland under Rule 1.3

Ranking Down

The ranking down principle explained-

  1. Players who play up by one agegroup will receive ranking points in that age group and their own agegroup. This applies when players play up by one agegroup ONLY e. an U14 Player who plays U18 will only receive points in U18s rankings and not in U14 or U16)
  1. Players can carry points down from a maximum of 2 of their 6 events that count towards their national ranking ie an U12 player can play U14 as often as they wish but only their top 2 points from U14s will count towards his U12 ranking.
  • If a player plays in 2 age groups in the same tournament and earns points in both age groups, the higher of the two points will count towards their lower agegroup ranking
  1. This ranking down rule will only apply where the points awarded in the higher agegroup event are greater than 2 of their top 6 in the lower agegroup rankings

Understanding the player’s new points as viewed in their ranking overview window

The new ranking down points will not appear as a separate entry in the players rankings but will be calculated in the player’s Total points

REGULATIONS FOR THE CONDUCT OF OFFICIAL TOURNAMENTS  Tennis Ireland reserves the right to modify the rules and regulations at any time.

I think I have two PINs.  What can I do?

If a player has two or more PINs in tournament software these can be merged to the primary PIN (i.e. the PIN they are using).  All ranking points on the secondary (merged) PIN will be credited to the player’s primary PIN automatically once requested.  To request this, please email npd@tennisireland.ie with the subject ’merge PINs’ including the following details in the email:

  • Player Name,
  • Date of Birth,
  • Primary PIN,
  • Secondary PIN and
  • Contact Phone Number

National Junior Ranking – Info for Tournament Organisers

Step 1: Registration on Tennis Ireland National Player Database

All tournament organisers must have a Tennis Ireland PIN to access adminstrative privileges.  Tournament Organisers without a PIN (an 8 digit number) can register at  ti.tournamentsoftware.com/

Step 2: Obtain your club copy of Tournament Planner from Tennis Ireland for this year

All tournaments must load their results on Tournament Software and this is done using Tournament Planner. Tennis Ireland will order a license for this product for each affiliated club.  The license can be requested by the tournament organiser by emailing cathie.hannin@tennisireland.ie including the following details in the email.

  • Club Name
  • Contact Referee Name
  • Contact Referee Email
  • Contact Referee Phone


  1. Please allow 72 hours for delivery of Tournament Planner via email to your club.
  2. In order to use Tournament Planner you must ensure that you have a license for the current year saved in the ‘tournaments ‘ folder on the computer you are using for the tournament.  If you are unclear regarding this, when you open tournament planner half way down the opening page it says version.  The version should be the current year plus which update. I.E. 2018.1 would represent the 1st version for the year 2018.

Step 3: Create your tournament on Tournament Planner


Step 4: Publish your tournament on the internet


Step 5: Check that all players have included the correct Tennis Ireland PIN with their entry

When the online entry closes on Tournament Planner if you click on the ‘Tournament’ tab and select ‘player validation’ from the dropdown list the list of players without a Member ID (pin) will appear. The player’s pins must be input to the system before the end of the tournament. Otherwise the player does not receive Ranking Points.  It is a requirement that a tournament organiser completes this process for each Tennis Ireland sanctioned tournament.

Step 6: Schedule Matches and Input Results

In order to ensure that the results when published can ‘count’ toward the National Junior Rankings complete the scorecard in results. All details must be input and not just ‘win/lose’.

Step 7: Final Checks

Tournaments should have a completed Tournament Software file available for 12 noon on the Tuesday following the final day of the tournament.  This would allow rankings to be updated immediately so players can receive their ranking points by close of business Wednesday.  If a complete file is not available within this time frame, the club could be fined for each week (or part thereof) that Tennis Ireland are awaiting the completed file.

Type Title Size Date
  International Ranking Points Jan 2023    
  Junior Ranking Points 2023    
  2023 Junior Ranking Points – Compass and Round Robin Draws