Allocation of Wildcards for TE and ITF Tournaments in Ireland


Criteria for Wild Cards for International Junior Tournaments in Ireland 
1) To be eligible for consideration for a wild card, the player must enter the tournament before the entry deadline.
2) Players should submit a wild card application to Tennis Ireland to by midnight on the Monday before the tournament commences.(please put ‘Wildcard application’ in the subject line)
3) When allocating wild cards, Tennis Ireland/Host Club will take into account the following:
i. Ranking 
ii. Recent results

iii. Commitment to playing international tennis 

iv. Returning to play after injury or illness

v. Development potential of player
4) Normally Wild Cards will be given to Irish Players or players that are eligible to represent Ireland
5) Late wild card requests will not be accepted. Players must enter tournaments on time in order to be considered for a wild card.
6) If the Qualifying and Main Draw Wild Card(s) move into the draw on merit, such player(s)’ status will change to Direct Acceptance and replacement Wild Cards may be nominated up until the time the draw is made.