The CDETP/SOLAS & Dublin Parks Tennis Coaches Course

FETAC Level 5 Sport, Recreation and Exercise with Tennis Ireland Coaching Level 1

This is a pathway through the FETAC Link Scheme for students to a choice of Sports/Health related degrees in many colleges.  The CDETB/Solas Tennis Coaches Training Course is a recognised Tennis Ireland coaching course and is a full time training programme for approximately 3 college semesters.  Successful graduates from the programme will be fully qualified Level 1 Coaches and may be able to advance to the ITB Sports Management and Coaching Degree Course.

Course Code: BAB6K


Sports & Recreation Studies – FETAC Level 5

Sports Anatomy &  Physiology – FETAC Level 5

Exercise and Fitness – FETAC Level 5

Work Experience – FETAC Level 5

Communications – FETAC Level 5

Personal Effectiveness – FETAC Level 5

Safety & Health at work – FETAC Level 5

Team working – FETAC Level 4

Tennis – Assistant 1 – FETAC Level 4


Tennis Ireland Assistant 1 & Assistant 2

Tennis Ireland Level 1

This course aims to provide students with the coaching skills to meet the ever increasing demands for coaching in clubs, schools and colleges through the Tennis Ireland Coaching Certificate.


48/52 weeks approximately – continuous intake

Participant Profile:

  1. Need to be registered with SOLAS.
  2. Between 18-35 yrs of age with no formal Education or an incomplete secondary level education.


FETAC Level 5 Award

Tennis Ireland Level 1 (includes Assistant 1& 2)

Enquiries to:

Hugh O’ Loughlin

Course Supervisor

CDETB/SOLAS, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10

Mobile: 087 6914515

Phone: 01 6055900