Assimilation Process – Qualifications Other Than Tennis Ireland

Assimilation Process – Qualifications Other Than Tennis Ireland

Do you hold a coaching qualification from abroad, or granted by a coaches training body other than Tennis Ireland? Do you want to find out if your qualification can be assimilated into the Tennis Ireland Coaches Qualification system? If so, you may wish to apply for possible assimilation. In order to complete this process in a fair and equitable manner, Tennis Ireland has put in place the following process.

1.    Please complete and return the Coach Profile Form in the link below to the Tennis Ireland office. Ensure that you enclose with the completed form all requested documents/certificates. If you do not do so, it will delay the process. IMPORTANT – Please note that all documents/certificates must be translated into the English language.

2.    Our Assimilation Officer will then review these documents provided and contact your two listed referees.

3.    The Tennis Ireland Coaches Education and Technical Committee will meet to decide on your application for assimilation.  Having studied the documentation, the Committee may decide to:

1.    Grant you equivalency at one of the following levels – Tennis Assistant 1, Tennis Assistant 2, Level One Coach, Level Two Coach, Level Three Coach.

2.    Advise you that you need to carry out certain tasks in order to be assimilated at a specified level. For example, complete a project, attend specified components of Level 1, 2 or 3 Courses, undergo an aptitude test.

3.    Advise you that your request for assimilation has not been accepted, and recommend you to apply for the next Level One Coaches Training Course.

Coach Profile Form at this link – 


Before being assimilated into the Tennis Ireland system, all applicants must attend a Safeguarding 1 Training Course in this country. No person can be assimilated until Tennis Ireland has received a copy of the certificate of attendance from a recognised provider of the Safeguarding Course. To find a course provider near to where you’re living in Ireland click on the following link –

Applicants for Assimilation if they are living or have lived in Ireland for a period of time, must apply to be Garda Vetted (Police checked) – click here for details.

Applicants also need to provide police checks from all the countries he/she has lived in prior to arriving in Ireland.

Please note that, in order to cover administrative expenses, there is a fee of €100.00 payable by the applicant for assimilation. A cheque for this amount (payable to `Tennis Ireland`) must be included with your completed Coach Profile Form before the process can begin.

For further information on becoming assimilated into the Tennis Ireland coaching structure please contact Lisa Murphy on 01 884 4010 or e-mail

Pathway Route For Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) Members


Tennis Ireland has provided an opportunity for PTR members to be assimilated into the Tennis Ireland Coaches Education Programme.  The process is outlined below:

The Course

Participants will first take the online theory presentations and the relevant online tests for each presentation.  Participants need a minimum score of 90% to pass the tests.  There are a series of multiple choice questions on each test.  Once the participants pass the online quiz they can participate in the course contact time with the appointed Tutor.

The contact hours will involve attendance and participation in 50 hours of the 100 hours of contact hours during the 3 Modules of  the Level 1 Course.  There will be 3 Practical assessments at the end of the Tutor contact time.  One at the end of each Module.

The Assessment Procedure


  1. A group of no more than four 6- 8 year olds in the Mini Court – Red Court – 30 minutes.
  2. A group of no more than six teenagers or adults in the Green Court – 30 minutes.
  3. An individual lesson with an U9 quality player – 30 minutes.
  4. A Demonstration and feeding test.


  1. A series of online mini quizzes related to the online presentations.


Internship Provider

Tennis Ireland has appointed a number of providers in the country to assist the Trainee Coaches with the logged hours required to complete the Level 1 Coach Education Programme.  Participants need to sign up with any one of the Internship Providers listed in the letter of acceptance onto the course in order to complete the 15 Logged hours.

Break down of the Internship Period

  • 5 hours experience in the Play & Stay Red Court (Mini Tennis) Programme
  • 5 hours experience in the Play & Stay Green Programme
  • 5 hours experience with an U9 Orange Court (Midi Tennis) quality club player (one of the best   u9 players in the club either in an individual or group situation).

A Logbook will be provided to the trainee coaches with relevant information for each 5 hour segment, and a provision for the Internship Provider to sign on successful completion (with an additional section for comments).


The cost for the course including the online Modules, the 6 days with the course Tutor and the assessment procedure is €790.  The cost of any repeat assessment is €75.

NB – All online quizzes are free and can be taken as many times as it takes to achieve 90% in each quiz.


If a participant fails any of the assessment procedures and feel they needed more time with a Mentor to provide more training before they apply for a re-sit, we have a list of Mentors in the various Regions who can be contacted to assist with the development of the necessary skills.  Payment for this process is between the Mentor and the Participant.

Logging into the online part of the course

Login details will be provided when participants sign up for the course.

Child Protection & Vetting

All participants must produce evidence of having attended Child Protection Awareness Training and that they have been vetted either by the Garda or the Access NI.

Any further details required please contact me at the number below.

Roger Geraghty, Director of Development & National Children’s Officer

Mobile: 086-2316478

PTR members wishing to apply for the Level One Course must contact Lisa Murphy in the Tennis Ireland Office:

Type Title Size Date
 application/pdf Coaches Profile Form 51 kbs 9th December 2008