Advice for Tennis Parents

Advice for Tennis Parents, by Roger Geraghty – Director of Development

On this page I have uploaded a six part presentation providing advice to parents of children between 5 and 10 years of age.  You can click on the links below to gain access to the information.

The Topics covered include the following:

  • The Long Term Player Development Programme.
    • The LTPD is a pathway for recreation and performance tennis players commencing from 6 years of age. The presentation explains where your children are now and what’s important for them.
  • The ITF Play & Stay Programme
    • The play and stay programme is a very important project for attracting new participants in our sport and equally important for retaining our current members.
  • The Importance of Coaching
    • Good Coaching really does make a difference
  • Our Coaches Training System
    • The Levels of coaching and what each Level is qualified to do
  • Child Protection
    • What are the policies the Clubs need to have in place to ensure  your children are safe?
  • Tennis 10’s
    • Competition in the Region – The new rule change – The importance of modified equipment, balls, courts and the formats of competition
  • The Talent ID process in the Region
    • A procedure that has been put in place for parents to access
  • Careers in tennis/sport
    • What opportunities exist for a career in sport?

The Presentations can be viewed at the links below:

No point in reinventing the wheel!

Parents Supporting Children in Sport

Child Protection in Sport Unit, NSPCC

Parents often play a vital part in supporting their children to take part in sport.  They play many positive roles and are often the backbone of sports activities at a local level.  However many sports organisations and clubs have struggled to address the problem of poor parental/spectator behaviour in junior sport.  The CPSU have launched  a positive parental behaviour in sport toolkit to help promote the importance of positive role parents can have:

Please also see the DVD clip with the voices of young people.

My Magic Sports Kit:

Sport for Life

An excellent resource for parents has been produced by the Canadian Sports Centres entitled, Canadian Sport For Life – A Sport Parent’s Guide.  The document was written by a team of experts on Physical Literacy in Canada who in my opinion are the World leaders on the subject.

Canadian Sport for Life

Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) is a movement to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada.  CS4L links sport, education, recreation and health and aligns community, provincial and national programming.  LTAD is a seven-stage training, competition, and recovery pathway guiding an individual’s experience in sport and physical activity from infancy through all phases of adulthood.  CS4L, with LTAD, represents a paradigm shift in the way Canadians lead and deliver sport and physical activity in Canada.

Click here to read more!

Life expectancy

According to Canadian Sport for Life, our children have a shorter life expectancy than we do.  To counteract this, CS4L and B2ten have collaborated to create  This is a site that will help improve the quality of the lives of children as well as their experience in sport and physical activity.  It will describe best practices regarding physical literacy and will offer the tools necessary to help children become active for life.

Active Movement – Movement as learning for 0 – 5 year olds.

Another very interesting document is a document put together by an organisation called Active Movement from New Zealand.  Active Movement is an initiative that is responsible for promoting the importance of physical activity and movement for young children to develop active lifestyle habits.

The Active Movement initiative embraces movement as a fundamental learning strategy for the 0 – 5’s age group, and helps to develop and strengthen the relationship between body and brain.

Active Movement is about engaging in quality physical movement experiences which develop and enhance the emotional, social, cognitive and physiological growth of the child.  Active Movement embraces the development of the whole child.

For further information check the link below –

Check out the Introduction to Active Movement information PDF at –


My own personal experience with our two children when they were in Primary School was not good when it came to PE.  The amount of times the short 30 minute weekly period was cancelled over a school term was not acceptable. Excuses ranged from anywhere between the renovations to the school hall or the hall was been used for the school play so it was out of bounds during the preparation for the play or one or more of the children were misbehaving so the teacher as punishment decided to cancel PE.

As an Irish Parent I would encourage you to challenge your child’s primary school staff, their sports club and their sports coaches regarding the inclusion of Physical Literacy in their PE and training programme.

We in Tennis Ireland have incorporated Physical Capacities into our Coach Education Programme and our Continuous Professional Development Programme for qualified coaches.

If our children are to have the best possible chance of being a healthy person from a young age right through to when they become senior citizens or an active person who plays sport as part of their daily routine or to be one of the special minority who becomes a world class performer, they must receive the right amount of motor skill development starting at an early age delivered by the people who they spend most of their young lives with.  Namely, parents, coaches and teachers.

Parent Lobbying Kit – Taken from Active for Life –

So don’t delay, get your children active.

Roger Geraghty

Director of Development – Tennis Ireland

Please see below information sheets for tennis parents.

Talent Identification for u10 children

If you have been advised by your child’s teachers and coaches that your son or daughter has sporting talent and you have aspirations for him/her to progress in tennis, we have set up a process where parents or guardians can submit a video of their child playing to the Regional Coach.  On receipt of the footage, the Regional Coach will analyse your child’s ability and if the Coach is of the opinion that the young player has talent, he or she will come and watch the child play in competition. Please see below sample video and information sheet.

Talent ID Sample Video from Tennis Ireland on Vimeo.

Type  Title Size Date
 application/pdf  Guide For Tennis Parents  34 kbs 17th May 2011
application/pdf  Being a Better Tennis Parent – ITF 55 kbs 19th March 2010
application/pdf  Junior Racquet Size 101 kbs 19th March 2010
application/pdf  Ten Commandments for Tennis Parents 34 kbs 19th March 2010
application/pdf  Parents – Talent ID 2010 347 kbs 17th May 2010
application/pdf  Information for Tennis Parents 45 kbs 26th March 2010