CP Compliancy Item 3

3.  The Club must appoint a Designated Person for the Club

This person will be the reporting officer in the case of a serious offence committed by a club member. Reports will be submitted to the officer on duty in the HSE /Social Services or to the Guards/PSNI in the case of an emergency.

Note:  It is recommended and noted as best practice that the designated person be someone ideally in a senior position in the club.

If the Chairperson/President is unable to perform this role for any reason then it should be held by another senior person in the club in good standing.

It can be held by one of the Children’s Officers however this is not ideal.

The Children’s Officer drives child protection within the club.

The Designated Liaison Person is responsible for reporting a suspected incident to the relevant authorities.

In order to become a Designated Liaison Person you have to have completed both safeguarding 1 and 3.