CP Compliancy Item 10

10.   All Club members signed up to the Code – Clubs should make provision to ensure that all Senior Members of the Club formally indicate their acceptance of the Code of Ethics and Good Practice For Children in Sport and a copy of the club’s Child Protection Statement is available for members to view on the club notice board or website.

1.  By including a clause in the constitution (or governing document) which makes it a condition of membership that members abide fully by the constitution and the clubs bye laws.

In turn the club constitution will include a child protection policy statement (The requirement outlined at requirement number 1 above) and members are deemed to accept the policy statement by the act of renewing their membership.

The Child Protection Policy should be brought to the attention of the members on an annual basis.  This can be done by posting it on the clubs notice board, website or in a note with the annual subscription reminder.

 2.  Acceptance of a specific clause on the annual subscription form either electronically or on paper.

 3.  Any other means whereby the club can demonstrate that senior members sign up to the code.