Tennis Ireland to provide Home Advantage for Young Irish Tennis Players in 2022

Tennis Ireland to provide Home Advantage for Young Irish Tennis Players in 2022

Tennis Ireland is delighted to announce that Ireland will host a total of 11 Junior International Events in 2022.  The staging of 5 ITF (International Tennis Federation) and 6 Tennis Europe tournaments next year will see the federation more than doubling the number of international events ever hosted in Ireland.


Tournament play is an essential part of player development and the addition of significantly more ITF and Tennis Europe events to the tournament calendar will create extra essential opportunities for young Irish players to gain experience competing against some top players from around the world whilst potentially gaining valuable ranking points for the ITF and Tennis Europe tours.

In addition, competing on the junior international tours abroad can be very expensive, so there will also be a significant financial saving for Irish players and parents in 2022 and beyond – enabling them to invest more in other support activities to help them develop further.


Ireland will be hosting four J5 ITF tournaments and one J4 tournament in 2022 which will attract leading players from around the world and provide great experience for players in Ireland to be introduced to the ITF Junior Tour. This will also give additional opportunities to Irish players to see first-hand the level that they need to aspire to achieve to compete internationally. The first of the tournaments will be in Dublin from 21-27th February (Tennis Europe U12). Players can view the calendars on the ITF and Tennis Europe websites to enter all tournaments as and when the calendars are updated.


In addition to the 5 ITF junior tournaments, Ireland will host six Tennis Europe events including two U12 tournaments, two U14 tournaments and two U16 tournaments.  Like the ITF events, these will provide some of our younger players with excellent international experiences on home soil as they look to develop and improve.


Tennis Ireland Chief Executive said, “This is a great step forward for the sport and for our developing players. The COVID restrictions, particularly as they related to travel had slowed down the momentum we had been making in our competition programme over the last 18 months but we will be back on track in 2022 with a comprehensive domestic tournament calendar as well as this expanded international programme”.


Commenting on the changes, Garrett Barry (National Performance Coordinator) said: “We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer our players significantly more competitive match opportunities in Ireland next year. As an integral part of our New Performance Development Strategy, we believe that international tournaments held in Ireland are crucial to the long-term development of our leading players and will serve us well into the future. We would like to thank the ITF, Tennis Europe and all our clubs who have agreed to host events. I would also like to thank the National Performance Team for their work in securing these events. 2022 promises to be a great year for Irish tennis”.