The ITF World Tennis Number is Now Live

The ITF World Tennis Number is Now Live

Earlier this year, Ireland became one of the first countries in the world to launch the ITF World Tennis Number.

The ITF World Tennis Number is for all tennis players, regardless of age, gender or ability and is a real-time skill level rating of your play.  As the roll out progresses, it will also help you to find evenly matched opponents for you to play, wherever you are.  You will also be able to track your tennis progress based on your actual performance.

Tennis Ireland is delighted to announce that the ITF World Tennis Number is now live within player profiles on Tournament Software.

What does this mean for your own ITF World Tennis Number?

If you have a profile on Tennis Ireland’s Tournament Software and have played in ITF or Tennis Ireland Open Tournaments,  your singles number and doubles World Tennis Numbers along with your current ranking will be visible.

The ITF World Tennis Number will also take into account all your other club or league matches that are managed on the Tournament Software system.  There has never been a better time to get playing and  the more matches you play – the more accurate your World Tennis Number will become over time.

What’s the difference between Ranking and Rating?

A ranking is determined by points earned and your results at Tennis Ireland sanctioned tournaments.

The ITF World Tennis Number is a Rating System which is a measure of your ability compared to everyone else.  The rating is updated regularly and is based on the result of every match you play win or lose and the standard of your opponent.

Where can you find your ITF World Tennis Number?

Log into your profile on Tournament Software and you can view your number below your name and TI Pin.

What’s next?

The next phase of the ITF World Tennis Number will see more historic results from the last 4 years being taken into account to determine your World Tennis Number. The next phase will be the challenge match feature which will allow players in the same Game Zone to challenge each other and record the match as a ITF World Tennis Number match which will go towards both of their numbers.

Find out more about the ITF World Tennis Number here: World Tennis Number Public Guide