Playing Tennis during COVID-19 – Level 5

Playing Tennis during COVID-19 – Level 5

The Republic of Ireland has moved to Level 5 status since midnight, Wednesday 21st October.
The movement to Level 5 will have a significant impact on all activities in all clubs in the Republic of Ireland.
The main implications of Level 5 include the following:
Facilities should close with exceptions for:

  • Structured outdoor coaching and training for school aged players under the supervision of a Designated Coach.
  • Training for High Performance/Professional players

The restrictions mean that no other activities other than the exceptions outlined above can take place while Level 5 is active. 
To assist clubs during this level, we have created a document which outlines the protocols to be followed and this can be accessed below:
TI Clubs_Level 5 Protocols

We are aware some clubs are running mid-term camps next week. Guidelines for running safe tennis camps during COVID-19 can be accessed below. 

Running Safe Tennis Camps During COVID-19
Sample COVID-19 Screening Form

These should be utilized in conjunction with the Level 5 Protocols.

Tennis Ireland has worked hard over the last week in an effort to demonstrate to government that our sport can operate safely, however the Government’s guidance on Level 5 is now clear, with the risk to public health meaning that individuals are asked to stay at home with certain exceptions as outlined.
Our measures and procedures are under constant review and updated as advice from Government and health authorities evolves in line with the movement between levels and we will endeavor to keep clubs updated.