Annual General Meeting of Tennis Ireland 22nd August 2020

Annual General Meeting of Tennis Ireland 22nd August 2020

The Annual General Meeting of Tennis Ireland was held via Zoom on Saturday 22nd July and Chaired by President Shane Cooke.

There was significant representation from the Tennis Community, with 49 attendees joining the Meeting which was held remotely on account of the COVID-19 emergency.

The Chief Executive, Richard Fahey, provided a detailed operational review for the past year in which he highlighted the key successes of the year including:

  • The launch of the Tennis Ireland Tours
  • New Junior, Men’s / Women’s and Senior Rankings
  • 39,467 entries into Tennis Ireland permitted Open Events – an increase of 11% on the 2018 figure
  • Progress related to the implementation of the World Tennis Number
  • The successful delivery of 8 International events in 2019
  • Governance improvements
  • Progress in relation to the securing of new sponsorship and partnerships for the sport
  • A 26% increase in funding from Sport Ireland
  • The allocation of Sports Capital Funding of 1.8m to 42 clubs
  • Tennis Ireland support provided to Clubs, Volunteers and players
  • The supports provided by Tennis Ireland to support clubs during the reopening of the sport


The Chief Executive also paid tribute to all of the clubs and volunteers within the sport who helped to facilitate and develop the sport over the past year and looked forward to further developing relationships with them to grow the game.

Paul O’Connor, the Board Director responsible for the Finance Portfolio, outlined the financial results for the organisation in a detailed presentation and also highlighted the impact of the increased activity in the company over the last year and how the company is managing its way through the Covid 19 emergency from a financial point of view.

National Performance Co-ordinator, Garrett Barry, also provided a presentation on the future Tennis Ireland Performance Strategy.

The meeting also confirmed the appointment of Tom Shelly (Leinster), David Spillane (Leinster) and Letty Lucas (Ulster) to the Board of the Company.

A copy of the 2019 Annual Report and Operational Review can be downloaded here: Tennis-Ireland-Annual-Report-2019