Tennis Ireland National Rankings – Ranking Freeze

Tennis Ireland National Rankings – Ranking Freeze

The Tennis Ireland National Rankings – Junior and Senior are now frozen. This has been done to protect the Rankings and provide fairness to players while the Tennis Ireland Tour has been suspended. A ranking freeze is in line with ITF Guidelines and is being implemented by the ATP/WTA and other Nations.

The Rankings as of Week 11 will be used to start the Rankings Freeze and the Freeze will continue until Tennis Ireland announce the resumption of the Tennis Ireland Tour.

The Current System

The current system is based on a 52-week rolling calendar with points gained in the previous year dropping off on a weekly basis.

Eg. If you won 250 points from a tournament in Week 6 – 2019 those points would have dropped from your profile on Week 6 – 2020.

What This Means

Weeks that are Frozen will not drop in 2020 but will instead drop in 2021.

Eg.  If you won 250 points from a tournament in Week 13 – 2019 those points will now drop from your profile on Week 13 – 2021 and not Week 13 – 2020.

The Rankings will continue to be processed on a weekly basis and you may see the words Ranking Freeze followed by the Week number and Tournament name appear in your profile over the course of the next few weeks.

Eg. Ranking Freeze Week 12 Tennis Ireland Tour Weekend.

As normal there will be no carryover of points (Frozen points from 2019 or points received in 2020) for players changing Age Group at the end of 2020 start of 2021.

This process may take us some time so we will ask you to have patience and to log any issues using one of the forms below rather than email.

Tennis Ireland Junior Rankings – Freeze

Tennis Ireland Senior Rankings – Freeze

These Rules may be amended by Tennis Ireland in response to changing circumstances created by Covid-19.