Tennis Ireland Junior Tour

Tennis Ireland Junior Tour

Tennis Ireland is very pleased to announce the launch of our new TI Junior Tour.

The new structure whilst similar to the existing one offers a broad platform to support Junior Tennis and players at all levels.

The new structure will be greatly beneficial to junior tennis in Ireland as:

  • It reflects and rewards standards in a more consistent manner across all levels in line with best practice internationally.
  • Begins to set minimum requirements and standards that the tournaments must meet.
  • Increases the number of tournaments across the country to benefit all players.
  • Most weeks in the Calendar during the summer will have more than one tournament at different levels.
  • Support in establishing a clear player pathway as the Junior Tour will have the same look and feel as the Senior and eventually Veterans (Seniors) Tours.
  • It will support the integration of Tennis Ireland’s new rating system the ITF World Tennis Number which will be launched later this year in Ireland and across the world.

*Logos will change once new branding is complete

Detailed Points table is attached HERE

The new TI Junior Tour was outlined in the 2020 Junior Calendar published first published November 2019.

The new TI Junior Tour Ranking points structure will apply to all 2020 tournaments. Ranking points will be adjusted for the National Indoors and will be reflected in the rankings published Tuesday 28th January 2020 (ranking week 2020-5).

What this means:

  • Points obtained in the National Indoors will be changed.
  • Players will now benefit from the new points table for all tournaments.

Ranking rules are not changing and will continue apply in the same manner (for details please refer to our ranking webpage):

  • No win-no points
  • Top 6 results
  • 52 rolling weeks
  • Ranking down

International Events:

The conversion factors applied to points obtained in ITF or Tennis Europe events will be changed:

  • To reflect the new points structure.
  • To better reflect the standard and impact of international events on national rankings.