Spring Championships 2020

Spring Championships 2020

Entry to the Spring Championships is now online. This tournament will be run as a TI Tour 1000 event. With a 1000 points available to the winner. 

The tournament will be played in West Wood Clontarf from Saturday 15th to Sunday 23rd February. This tournament will take place in West Wood Clontarf but will be run by Tennis Ireland.

You can enter online HERE.

Schedule for the tournament is as follows:

Saturday 15th

Sunday 16th
u12s and some u14s

Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th
u16s and u18s

Wednesday 19th
u16s and some u14s

Thursday 20th
u12s and u14s

Friday 21st
u12, u14s and u18s

Saturday 22nd and 23rd
All ages.

This may be amended in advance of the closing date for entry.