National Matchplay

National Matchplay

The National Matchplays will take place this year from Friday 29th of Nov to Sunday 1st Dec. 

The venues for three of the four age groups have now been announced. The final venue will hopefully be confirmed today.

U12: Castlebar Tennis Club

U14: TBC 

U16: National Tennis Centre, DCU

U18: Belfast Boat Club

*For health and Safety reasons only players and officials will be permitted to enter the dome in Belfast Boat Club.*

Each matchplay will be played as a compass draw. Matches will be played as best of three sets with No-Advantage scoring. 


Rules for entry.


Top 8 available players in National Rankings by Oct 22nd go straight into National Matchplays. These players will be notified on Oct 22nd by email and asked to enter the tournament online by Friday 25th after which entry will close. 


The winner and runner-up from each Provincial Matchplay qualifies for Nationals, regardless of the rankings of players in the Provincial Matchplay.


If the Provincial winner or runner-up is unavailable for the Nationals, the place will be offered to the 3rd placed player


If the 3rd placed player is also unavailable to take up a place, then it is offered to the 3rd placed player of the province that’s Provincial matchplay has the highest average ranking.

·   E.g. 3rd  placed player from Munster is unavailable.

·   Avg. rankings of Leinster 21

·   Avg. ranking of Connacht 30

·   Avg. ranking of Ulster 17



In the example the 3 placed player from Ulster would be offered the position. The same logic would follow if the Ulster player was also unavailable with the Leinster player, followed by the Connacht 3rd placed player being asked.


In the unlikely event that all 3rd placed players were unavailable across the 4 provinces then the cycle would repeat asking 4th  placed players, starting in this example back with Munster.


If any player withdraws from the Nationals before the start, then that place would go to the 3rd and player from their Provincial matchplay, following the same format as above in point 3-4.