Kinder + Sport Trophy

Kinder + Sport Trophy

Tennis Ireland are running two special limited entry events called the Kinder + Sport Trophy Series aimed at players with less than 150

Tennis Ireland Ranking Points.

Please note, there are no ranking points awarded for these events.

Please read the regulations below before considering entering a child.


Venues & Dates:
Kinder + Sport Trophy 1-17th-19th August 2018
Shankill Tennis Club, 
Quinn’s Road,
Dublin 18

Kinder + Sport Trophy 2-24th-26th August 2018
St. Anne’s Park Tennis Club,
All Saint’s Road,
Dublin 5

Under 10 play on Friday
Under 12 play on Saturday
Under 14 play on Sunday

Play will be from 10.00 until 18.00 every day

1. The tournament is sanctioned and will be governed by the rules of Tennis Ireland.

2. Entries close on the 7th August at 23:59. All players must have a Tennis Ireland PIN. Players without one can apply here: No telephone entries or late entries will be accepted. 

3.Age restrictions:
Under 10 event – Green ball:
Players Born in 2008 who do not hold a yellow ball passport
Players born in 2009 or 2010 who hold a green ball passport

Under 12 event – yellow ball
Players born in 2007 or 2006
Players born in 2008 or 2009 who hold a yellow ball passport

Under 14 event – yellow ball
Players born in 2005 or 2004

4. Ranking Restrictions:
Under 12 and Under 14 players must have no more than 150 National Ranking points as published on 7th August 2018

The events will be initially a Round Robin Format with 4 sections of four participants who will advance into two knock out events. 

6. Scoring
There will be no umpires for the matches so all participants will need to have some experience of Organised Play and a good knowledge of the rules and scoring system.
The Scoring System for the two tournaments will be as follows:
• The games will be 15, 30, 40, Game
• There will be no advantage scoring in the games. At 40-40 (Deuce), the “next point wins” the game.

In the Round Robin stages matches will be first to 3 Games and at 2 games all, the next game won wins the match.
In the knockout stages, from Semi-finals onwards, matches will be first to 4 Games and at 3 games all, the next game won wins the match.

7. Limited Entry 
Participants can only enter one Tournament, St Anne’s Park or Shankill
Each Event is limited to 16 Players. Acceptance will be on a ‘first come, first entered’ basis. A reserve/waiting list will be managed based on date and time of entry should any selected player withdraw.
Players can only enter events as outlined above (no ‘playing up’)  

8. The Events will be open for online entry in July. Entries will be closed on Tuesday 7th August or earlier. Entry deadline may be extended for the second event in St Anne’s Park Tennis Club.

9. The players and their parent/guardian will be required to sign up to a Fair Play code of conduct when signing in.
The tournament will be played with no umpires and as a participant in event, the players are obliged to respect the following fair-play code-

As a participant in the 2018 Kinder Sport Trophy I pledge:
-to congratulate my opponents when they score a winning point;
-not to rejoice when my opponents make a mistake;
-never to steal a point from my opponents and never to throw the racket in the air;
-to thank and to shake hands with my opponents at the end of each match;
-my relatives and my coach promise not to interfere during the match;
-to accept the decisions of the referee, knowing that they have the right to make mistakes just like me, but also knowing that they will do their best not to make any

10. Adults in charge of the players:
Parents/Guardians/Coaches are responsible to ensure that the children are familiar with the rules, format, scoring system and codes of behaviour for all involved and prepare the children accordingly.