Garda Vetting Reminder!

Garda Vetting Reminder!


Have you checked the Vetting status of your coaches and volunteers working with children at your club recently? 

Vetting disclosures are only valid for three years and must be renewed using the new evetting system 

A club who, knowingly, permits a volunteer or a coach who requires vetting and whose vetting is out-of-date to work with children, may suffer the following consequences:

The club may not be eligible for a Capital Sports Grant application

The club may lose its Tournament permit.

The club may be prevented from running junior coaching.

The club may be guilty of an offence under the Garda Vetting legislation.

The club may invalidate its Public Liability Insurance.

The club will not be 100% Child Protection compliant.

If you require any further information, you can email or call and speak with Ciaran at 01-8844010