‘Tennis Coordination Exercises’ by Peter Farrell

‘Tennis Coordination Exercises’ by Peter Farrell


Tennis Coach Ireland has just published Peter Farrell’s new book ‘Tennis Coordination Exercises’.



Every shot in tennis puts coordination skills under the microscope. Coordination is a key skill in tennis, along with others such as speed, agility and dynamic balance. While some of these attributes are essential to play tennis well, good coordination is necessary to play tennis at all! Without the ability to bounce, catch or throw a ball in a controlled manner, children will find it very difficult to learn or enjoy tennis. How well coordinated a child is will help him or her decide whether to continue in tennis – or move to a less challenging activity. Developing good coordination skills will stand children in good stead throughout their lives.

‘Tennis Coordination Exercises’ contains fifty-five main coordination exercises, each one illustrated with a photograph. Each exercise has a number of ’Progressions/Adaptations’, so that in total there are almost 400 exercises that young tennis players will enjoy and learn from.



Section one – Player working alone with the ball.

Section two – Player working alone with ball and racquet.

Section three – Working in pairs.

Section four – Group and team games.



Peter Farrell has been involved in tennis coaching for more than 30 years. His two previous books are 40 Great Tennis Sessions (2010) and Directing Tennis Programmes (2011).



You can purchase ‘Tennis Coordination Exercises’ at www.amazon.co.uk, Click here to go straight to the book: http://goo.gl/t1TM53, or email the author at peter.farrell@tennisireland.ie for further information.