ITF Seniors World Team Championships

ITF Seniors World Team Championships

The ITF Seniors and Super-Seniors World Team Championships are the premier team events on the ITF Seniors Circuit.

Congratulations to all of the players that participated.

To find out more on this event and to see formats of play please click HERE.

Categories and players are listed below:

GENTS 35 +


Ian Gleeson

Maurice Kenny

Justin Smyth    Capt.

Simon Harkin


GENTS 40 +

Joe Cummiskey

Alan Donnelly    Capt.

Travis McDonagh

Matthew McGann


GENTS 45 +


Tim Blomley

Liam Cassidy    Capt.

John Conroy

Paddy McCooey


GENTS 50 +


John Donovan

Mark Milligan

Liam O’Brien    Capt.

Niall Wilson


GENTS 55 +


Tom Barry

Robbie Harrold

Noel Sheridan    Capt.

Conor Woods




Deirdre Collins    Capt.

Michelle Hardiman

Jennifer Kell

Toni O’Keeffe




Tracey Carruthers

Siobhain Riordan

Un Ryle

Carmel O’Hare    Capt.




Gillian Chandler

Connie Creed

Niamh Kennedy

Grace Reidy    Capt.