James McGee advances, falls in semi-finals

James McGee advances, falls in semi-finals

James McGee beat Pierre-Hugues Hebert (FRA) 6-3  2-6  7-5, and advanced to the semi-final last week but lost to Nicolas Renavand (FRA) 6-3  6-2 in the France F19 Futures.


This week, Daniel Glancy and Sam Barry are playing in the Algeria F1 Futures. Daniel Clancy will take on Adam Sanjurjo Hermida (ESP) and Sam Barry will take on Younes Rachidi (MAR) in the 1st round. Glancy and Barry will be playing Romain Arneodo (FRA) and Yanais Laurent (FRA) in the doubles 1st round.

In singles, Amy Bowtell will be going against Josephine Boualem (ESP) in the first round of the $10,000 Mytilini in Greece.  Amy Bowtell and partner Louise Boinay (SUI) take on Lucy Brown (GBR) and Laura Deigman (GBR) in the 1st round of doubles.

At the 17th Mallorca Seniors Open in Spain, Jimmy Wilson will be playing Felix Riba (ESP) in the +55. In the 1st round of the +60, William Caldwell will play Rolf Schroeder (GER) and Brian Bailie will take on Hermann Kaps (GER) in the 2nd round.  In the women’s +45 event, Lesley O’Halloran will play the winner of Enrica Triggiani (ITA) and Regina Stroebel (GER).  In the 2nd round of +60, Carole Caldwell will take on Karla Knipper (GER).

In the Juniors Raquette D’Or ITF Junior tournament, in Morocco, Peter Bothwell will play Amine Ahuoda (MAR) in the 1st round of singles. 

Sinead Lohan will take on Ariadna Marti Riembau (ESP) in the 1st round of the Sanchez-Casual Junior Cup ITF Junior tournament, in Spain.