Tennis Marketing Forum, 21st May @ Malahide LTC

Tennis Marketing Forum, 21st May @ Malahide LTC


Marketing Toolkit for Tennis -Great advice on how to market your Club in your Community & attract new members  


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In common with all other areas of economic activity, sport has experienced downturn and contraction over the past three years and tennis is by no means immune to economic recession. As with the other major sports in Ireland we are very much aware of the difficulties and everyday challenges faced by the members of our affiliated Clubs.


At Tennis Ireland we believe that the retention of existing members and the active recruitment of new members must be one of the key objectives for every Club Executive for the foreseeable future. We are very anxious to actively engage with our affiliated clubs and to provide realistic and practical advice and support in the
retention and recruitment of members. To this end, we have developed a marketing toolkit for affiliated clubs to use.


The first section sets out the advantages of tennis as a sport from fitness to affordability, and is for use by Club administrators to promote the sport locally. The second section provides guidance and advice on how to identify and target potential members, and the various marketing channels available to reach them.


We are delighted at the way many of our affiliated clubs are marketing their facilities and presenting the sport in such a positive way to consolidate and grow their membership numbers. Tennis is a hugely marketable sport that can continue to grow at club level during the recession with some creative and careful promotion. We are confident that this toolkit, combined with the dedication and resourcefulness of Irish club officials, will help to turn around any downward trends in membership that clubs are experiencing.


Please make full use of this toolkit and contact us at Tennis Ireland with any questions or feedback –