North South Tennis League

North South Tennis League

North South Tennis League


Results Update: 26th October 2010

Saturdays two final playoffs resulted in Dundalk A winning the inaugural North South League trophy.  Results were as follows :

Dundalk A beat Dundalk B 3-1
Kells beat Mullingar         4-0
1st place and cup winners  Dundalk A                                                                                                
2nd place                          Dundalk B                                                
3rd place                           Kells                                              
4th place                           Mullingar 


The newly formed North-South Tennis league got underway on Saturday September  4th 2010 with 6 matches scheduled between the 10 participating clubs on either side of the Border.  The 10 clubs representing the Northern participants were Portadown, Banbridge, Warrenpoint, Downshire (Hillsborough) and Newry(2 teams) whilst Ardee, Bettystown, Mullingar, Kells and Dundalk (two teams) represented the Southern clubs. 


Results Week 1

Mullingar 4 Portadown 0
Kells 4 Warrenpoint 0
Dundalk A 4 Newry B 0
Dundalk B 4 Downshire 0


Ardee 2 v Newry A 2


Bettystown 3 v Banbridge 1


Results Week 2

Mullingar/Warrenpoint 4-0 Mullingar

Ardee/Newry B 3-1 Ardee

Dundalk A/Downshire 3-1 Dundalk A

Dundalk B/Banbridge 3-1 Dundalk B

L-Btown/ Portadown 3-1 Portadown


Newry A 3-1 Kells


Results Week 3


Ardee 2-2 Downshire


Dundalk B 3-1 Portadown


Dundalk A 4-0 Banbridge


Kells 4-0 Newry B


Mullingar 3-1 Newry A


Bettystown 3-1 Warrenpoint


Results Week 4

Kells / Downshire 3-1 Kells

Ardee / Banbridge 4-0 Banbridge

Dundalk A / Portadown 3-1 Dundalk A

Dundalk B / Wpoint 4-0 Dundalk B

L-Btown / Newry A 4-0 Newry


Mullingar 2-2 Newry B  



Results Week 5


Ardee 2-2 Portadown


Mullingar 3-1 Downshire


Dundalk B 3-1 Newry A 


Bettystown 3-1 Newry


Kells 4-0 Banbridge


Dundalk A 4-0 Warrenpoint


Results Week 6

Banbridge 3-1 Mullingar

Warrenpoint 1-3 Ardee

Downshire 1-3 Bettystown

Newry A 2-2 Dundalk A

Newry B 2-2 Dundalk B

Portadown 2-2 Kells


League Table (22nd October 2010)

1. Dundalk (B)  played   6   20 pts.
2. Dundalk (A)  played   6   19 pts.
3  Kells            played   6   18 pts.
4  Mullingar     played    6  17pts.
5  Newry   (A)  played   6  13 pts
6  Bettystown   played   6  13 pts.
7  Ardee          played   6  12 pts.
8  Banbridge    played   6    9 pts.
9  Portadown   played   6    9 pts.
10Downshire   played    6    6 pts.
11 Newry (B)   played    6    6 pts
12.Warrenpoint played  6    2 pts.     

The concept for this new league came about when Portadown Chairman Lyn Jamison met with Dundalk coach and club Manager John McGahon at Fitzwilliam last year. Portadown had already formed links with Dundalk club several years earlier when the two clubs played friendly matches against each other home and away. The plan was formulated to start the new league and a committee was formed from representatives of each of the participant clubs. After several meetings during the past year the league is now underway and it is hoped that other clubs close to either side of the border may be introduced next year.


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